New and Coming Soon


Upcoming Events:

I’m going to WorldCon in Kansas City next week.  I will be staffing the SFWA Suite from 9-11 on Friday and Saturday, then hanging out at the Broad Universe table in the Dealers Room from 1-3 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I’m also scheduled for three programming events:

Where’s Rey? Female Characters and Merchandise
Friday 4 – 5 PM, 2503B (Kansas City Convention Center)
with Mr. Leo d’Entremont, Jenifer Boles, Loren Rhoads

Picture the scene, you are super excited about having just seen The Force Awakens and you desperately need a Rey doll to complete your collection. Except there aren’t any, anywhere. You buy the Monopoly set, yet there is no Rey. What is this nonsense? Unfortunately, it is all too common for female characters to be left out of promotional material, just look at Black Widow in the MCU. We discuss the reasons for, the implications of and possible solutions to this indisputable problem.

Reading: Loren Rhoads
Saturday 7:30 – 8 PM, 2202 (Kansas City Convention Center)

My first reading at WorldCon! It’s a terrible slot, directly before the Hugo Award Ceremony begins, but I’m going to bring the show anyway. My friends on Facebook voted for a fight scene from the Raena Zacari trilogy. There will be carnage.

Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Sunday 10:00 – 11:30 AM, 2202 Readings (Kansas City Convention Center)
Loren Rhoads (M), J. Tullos Hennig, Laurel Anne Hill, Roberta Rogow, Kathryn Sullivan, Paula S. Jordan, Katie Li, A C Elias, Tamara Jones, and Wendy Van Camp

Join members of Broad Universe — a nonprofit association dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and promoting female authors of science fiction, fantasy, and horror — as they read tidbits of published works and works in progress.

I’ll probably read a snippet of Lost Angels, just so Lorelei gets her due.

Other than that, my schedule is open. I like coffee.  Do you like coffee? Let’s get some and talk about writing!


On September 11, members of the San Francisco Writers Coffeehouse will talk about what it’s really like to be a writer.  I’ll be joining S.G. Browne and Dana Fredsti at Borderlands Bookstore in San Francisco.  The event starts at noon.


I will also be at Con-Volution at the end of September.  See you there?

Books & Stories

LOST ANGELS, the revised edition of the first novel in the As Above, So Below series, is out now from Automatism Press!

Its sequel, ANGELUS ROSE, will follow in November 2016.


An Alondra story called “The Fatal Book” appeared in the May issue of New Realm magazine.


An Alondra story called “Sakura Time” just came out in FRIGHT MARE: WOMEN WRITE HORROR, edited by Billie Sue Mosiman. Contributors to the collection include Elizabeth Massie, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Kathryn Ptacek, and Lucy Taylor, among many others.

The audiobook is available on


NEVERMORE! TALES OF MURDER, MYSTERY, AND THE MACABRE, which contains an Alondra story called “The Drowning City,” was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Best Anthology this year.  The anthology, edited by Nancy Kilpatrick and Caro Soles, boasts contributors such as Margaret Atwood, Nancy Holder, William Nolan, Thomas Roche, and Tanith Lee.


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  1. Another congratulations to you! Peace and love to you, Loren!

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