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OUT NOW: My death-obsessed memoir, This Morbid Life, collects up the morbid personal essays I wrote for zines about surviving the AIDS epidemic, visiting cadaver labs, eating bugs, and more. The Amazon links are up, with more to come.

2021 “Live” Events:

I read an Alondra story set in Venice for the October Story Hour. Settle in and get spooked at https://storyhour2020.com I’m on the episode with KT Wagner.

I read a true ghost story from This Morbid Life for Fright Girl Autumn. 

I’m also guesting on an upcoming episode of the Stones, Bones, & Shadows podcast, but I don’t have airdate yet.

2021 Publication News:

“Devil in Her Heart” appeared on The Fabulist in October 2021. Read it for free at https://fabulistmagazine.com/devil-in-her-heart/.

“Cemetery Postcards,” an essay about my collection, appears in issue #6 of The Deadlands. Check it out here: http://thedeadlands.com/.

“Zoonosis” will appear in the 99 Tiny Terrors anthology, edited by Jennifer Brozek. The kickstarter goes live October 19-31, 2021. Here’s the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1133704229/99-tiny-terrors-an-anthology.

“The Devil’s Debt” will appear in an upcoming issue of Occult Detective magazine.