My Short Fiction Publications

As of December 2019:

Rock Faces,” Ladies of Horror Flash Project, October 29, 2019. Alondra encounters Pele in Hawaii.

“Silence of the Sirens” appeared in volume 1 of SHALLOW WATERS: A FLASH ANTHOLOGY, published by Crystal Lake Publishing in June 2019.

“Still Life with Shattered Glass,” TALES FOR THE CAMP FIRE: A CHARITY ANTHOLOGY BENEFITING WILDFIRE RELIEF, April 2019. This book is raising money for the North Valley Community Foundation, which supports recovering from last year’s devastating Camp Fire.

“The Arms Dealer’s Daughter,” a bonus story in the ebook edition of Space & Time #133, March 2019.  A new Ariel and Raena story (the characters from The Dangerous Type)! Ariel Shaad gets a bodyguard for her birthday.

“In the Pines,” the Women in Horror issue of Siren’s Call magazine, February 2019. A teenager wrestles with her sister’s disappearance.

Occult Detective 5

“Something in the Water,” Occult Detective Quarterly #5, January 2019. Scientists at the California Academy of Sciences come face to face with an implacable ancient spirit and Alondra must broker the peace.

“Elle a Vu un Loup,” Weirdbook #40, November 2018.  Alondra DeCourval stalks a predator across Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan.

“Letter from New Orleans,” Ladies of Horror Flash Project, November 2018.  On her first day in the Crescent City, Alondra wanders into a ghost story and meets the characters who appear in the story “Last-Born.”

“Mr. Moonlight,” Ladies of Horror Flash Project, October 2018.  This is the first story I’ve written about Alondra’s childhood. It was inspired by a prompt given to me by Nina D’Arcangela.

Alondra’s Adventures, Automatism Press, June 2018. This chapbook contains 3 previously published stories about witch and monster hunter Alondra DeCourval:

  • “The Fox and the Foreigner” — Alondra befriends a fox living in a shrine in Tokyo. Originally published in Not One of Us #38, October 2007. The story was long-listed for the British Science Fiction Association Award, January 2008.
  • “The Drowning City” — Something ancient stalks the canals of Venice. Reprinted from BEST NEW HORROR #27, edited by Stephen Jones (PS Publishing), February 2017. Previously published in NEVERMORE! TALES OF MURDER, MYSTERY, AND THE MACABRE, edited by Nancy Kilpatrick and Caro Soles (Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing), October 2015.
  • “Sakura Time” — The Japanese believe that anything that has eyes also has a soul. Sometimes it has more than one. Originally published in FRIGHT MARE: WOMEN WRITE HORROR, edited by Billie Sue Mosiman, January 2016.

Alondra’s Investigations, Automatism Press, April 2018. This e-chapbook, collecting 3 previously published stories about Alondra DeCourval, includes:

  • “The Fatal Book” — Alondra discovers a book that claims to have destroyed Atlantis. The story originally appeared in New Realm magazine, May 2016.
  • “A Curiosity of Shadows” — Alondra fights the things that ghosts fear. Initially published in THE HAUNTED MANSION PROJECT: YEAR ONE (Damnation Books), March 2012.
  • “Last-born” — In New Orleans, Alondra makes the ultimate sacrifice. Reprinted from SINS OF THE SIRENS: FOURTEEN TALES OF DARK DESIRE, edited by John Everson (Dark Arts Books), January 2008. The story initially appeared in THE GHOSTBREAKERS: NEW HORRORS, edited by Danielle Naibert and G. W. Thomas (RAGEmachine Books), May 2005.

Alondra’s Experiments, Automatism Press, February 2018. This collection of 3 previously published stories includes:

  • “The Shattered Rose”— In Golden Gate Park, Alondra discovers that she’s not cut out to be a vampire. Reprinted from Instant City magazine, May 2013. Previously appeared in The Paramental Appreciation Society chapbook, reprinted by Automatism Press, October 2007. Originally published by Red Snake Press, an imprint of Borderlands Bookstore, March 2007.
  • “Catalyst”— An Alondra story which combines alchemy and absinthe in Prague. First published in Not One of Us #44, October 2010.
  • “Valentine”— In Oslo, Alondra discovers how far she will go to save Victor’s life. Originally podcast on Wily Writers, September 2010.

“Guardian of the Golden Gate,” STRANGE CALIFORNIA, edited by Jaym Gates and J. Daniel Batt (Falstaff Books/StoryJitsu), April 2017. Alondra discovers the hunger that lives beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

“The Rush of Wind,” FLIGHT: QUEER SCI FI’S THIRD ANNUAL FLASH FICTION CONTEST anthology, published September 2016 by Mischief Corner Books. This is a little flash fiction about Raena and Ariel, characters from my Templar novels, before they were separated by Thallian.

“Grandfather Carp’s Dream,” OUT OF THE GREEN: TALES FROM FAIRYLAND, edited by Martha J. Allard and Kacey Vanderkarr, published by Urban Fey Press in November 2014.

“Here There Be Monsters,” THE HAUNTED MANSION PROJECT: YEAR TWO (Damnation Books), Summer 2013. What is the worst predator in the woods?

“Never Bargained for You,” DEMON LOVERS: A SUCCUBUS AND INCUBUS ANTHOLOGY (Ravenous Romance), January 2013. The second Lorelei story: succubi and rock-n-roll.

Ashes-Rust-CoverAshes & Rust, a chapbook containing four post-apocalyptic stories, was updated for the Kindle March 2012. It was originally published by Automatism Press in October 2006. It includes:

  • “The Acid that Dissolves Images,” originally published in LEND THE EYE A TERRIBLE ASPECT (Automatism Press), March 1994.
  • “Fitzgerald’s Shadow,” Nice Tattoo: The Magazine of Shadow Fiction #1, May 2006. Reprinted from Indigenous Fiction #8, June 2001.
  • “Justice,” originally published in Blood Rose, April 2003.
  • “Mothflame,” originally published in Not One of Us #25, March 2001.

Sirens CoverSINS OF THE SIRENS: FOURTEEN TALES OF DARK DESIRE (Dark Arts Books), updated as an ebook January 2012. Originally published by Dark Arts in January 2008, with Maria Alexander, Christa Faust, and Mehitobel Wilson. My contributions were:

  • “The Angel’s Lair,” original to SINS OF THE SIRENS. It became the first chapter of LOST ANGELS (Automatism Press), 2016.
  • “Sound of Impact,” original to SINS OF THE SIRENS.
  • “Still Life with Shattered Glass” This was the first publication of the full version. A truncated version appeared in Cemetery Dance #54, March 2006. That version took 3rd place in the Fiction Contest at the 2005 World Horror Convention.
  • “Last-Born” initially appeared in THE GHOSTBREAKERS: NEW HORRORS, edited by Danielle Naibert and G. W. Thomas (RAGEmachine Books), May 2005.

“Affamé,” City Slab #10, July 2007.

“The Energizer Bunny Keeps Going and Going…” Instant City: a Literary Exploration of San Francisco #4, Winter 2007. Originally published as “The Energizer Bunny at Home,” Death Equinox ‘98: Cyber-Psycho Convergence II booklet, October 1998. It won the Death Equinox ’98 Fiction Contest.

“The Magic of Fire and Dawn,” Eternal Night, August 2003. Reprinted from Beyond Science Fiction and Fantasy #18, October 1990.

“His Love Don’t Cost a Thing” (as Lorentz Jones), Unzipped, January 2002.

“Just Another Day in Paradise,” with Mart J. Allard and Brian Thomas, Tales of a New Republic, volume 3: Battles, May 1997. Republished on Wattpad, June 2015.

“Drifter,” with Mart J. Allard, Tales of a New Republic, volume 2: Recruits, May 1996.

“A Contest of Nerves,” with Brian Thomas, Tales of a New Republic, volume 2: Recruits, May 1996. Republished on Wattpad, December 2015.

“Redemption,” Tales of a New Republic, volume 1: Veterans, May 1995. Republished on Wattpad, November 2015.

“When Empires Fall,” an excerpt, Tales of the New Republic, volume 1: Veterans, May 1995. The whole story was published as “Trust” (as Neil Dauber) in Anthology (a Star Wars fanzine), May 1986. Republished on Wattpad, November 2015.

“Jordan Discovers What He Is,” From Scratch volume #5, a magazine celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Flint Writers’ Club, Winter 1992.

“Part Four: Dr. Chapel,” Second Star to the Right: After the Fact (a Star Trek fanzine about Spock’s death), October 1986.

“Claustrophobia,” Anthology (a Star Wars fanzine), May 1986. Republished on Wattpad, November 2015.

“The Martyrs,” Sanity, Ltd. #5, Fall 1982.

“Leather Boots,” Sanity, Ltd. #3, December 1981.

“Alone in the Dark,” Summer Youth Program Writers Workshop Bulletin, published at Michigan Technological University, Summer 1980.

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