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The cover of Wish You Were Here, with my photo of Hollywood Forever

The cover of Wish You Were Here, with my photo of Hollywood Forever

Here’s the complete list of my published travel essays, with the table of contents for WISH YOU WERE HERE.

WISH YOU WERE HERE collects the following travel essays:
• “Vacationing in the Land of the Dead,” original to this collection, May 2013.
• “Where does One Start?” about visiting London’s Highgate Cemetery, originally published on Gothic.Net, January 2000 and excerpted as “How I Got Interested in Graveyards,” AGS Quarterly: Bulletin of the Association for Gravestone Studies, volume 26, #4, Fall 2002.
• “The Empire of Death,” about the Paris Catacombs, Gothic.Net, February 2000. Reprinted from The Azrael Project Newsletter, volume 6 #1 , Fall/Winter 1998-99. Originally published in TRAVELERS’ TALES: PARIS, March 1997.
• “The First Ornamental Cemetery in the West,” about Père Lachaise Cemetery, expanded from “How to Celebrate that Other Holiday in October,” Gothic.Net, October 1999.
• “Curiosity and the Cat,” about visiting the cemetery and the Kannon Shrine in Kamakura, Japan, Cemetery Travel, March 17, 2011. Originally published on Gothic.Net, January 2001.
• “Days of Infamy,” comparing visits to the Peace Museum in Hiroshima to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Morbid Curiosity #8, May 2004. The pieces appeared separately as “Infamy,” about the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Gothic.Net, April 2002, and as “The Hiroshima Peace Memorial,” Gothic.Net, July 1999.
• “Storybook in Stone,” about the San Francisco National Cemetery, Gothic.Net, July 2000.
• “Deep in the Middle of the Sea,” about the historic cemeteries of Maui, Gothic.Net, January 2002.
• “Natural Progression,” about Yosemite National Park’s Pioneer Cemetery, original to this collection, May 2013.
• “Heroes of Filmland,” about visiting Bela Lugosi’s grave, Gothic.Net, March 2000.
• “What’s Wrong with Forest Lawn?” about the original Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Gothic.Net, December 2002.
• “Basin Street Blues,” about St. Louis #1 Cemetery in New Orleans, Gothic.Net, February 2002.
• “With Folded Wings,” about Valhalla Memorial Park’s Shrine to Fallen Aviators, appeared in the AGS Quarterly Newsletter, volume 34, #4 Fall 2010.
• “Those That Have Graves and Those That Have None,” about the Old Jewish Cemetery and Pinkas Synagogue in Prague, Gothic.Net, November 2000.
• “The Ghetto and the Small Fortress,” about the Jewish Ghetto at Terezin, Gothic.Net, November 1999.
• “Although Dead, They Still Speak,” about the Vysehrad Cemetery in Prague, Gothic.Net, February 2003.
• “Japanese Ghost Story,” about Lafcadio Hearn’s grave in Zoshigaya Reien, Tokyo, original to this collection, May 2013.
• “Not Fade Away,” about my visit to Jack London’s grave, appeared in Eleven Eleven, August 2010.
• “A Bus Called Cemeteries,” about the Day of the Dead in Metairie, Louisiana, Gothic.Net, October 2002.
• “Tombstone Tales,” about the three cemeteries of Mackinac Island, Michigan, original to this collection, May 2013.
• “Good, By God, I’m Going to Bodie,” about the graveyards of the ghost town, Gothic.Net, September 2002.
• “Half in Love with Death,” about the Protestant Cemetery of Rome, original to this collection, May 2013.
• “The Original Catacomb,” about the Christian catacombs of the Appian Way, Gothic.Net, June 2001.
• “Permanent Florentines,” about the English Cemetery of Florence, originally published on Gothic.Net, December 2001. An excerpt called “Florence’s ‘English’ Cemetery,” appeared in the Official Newsletter of the Horror Writers Association, volume 14, #40, August 2003.
• “A Dream of Melancholy,” about the Cemetery of San Michele in Isola, original to this collection, May 2013.
• “Shades of Forever,” about Hollywood Forever Memorial Park, Gothic.Net, May 2000.
• “Piecing History Back Together,” about Rose Hill Cemetery at the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, originally published as “Putting History Back Together,” Gothic.Net, September 2001.
• “Garden of Graves,” about Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts, original to this collection, May 2013.
• “Here Rests the Dust,” about the King’s Chapel, Granary, and Central Burying Grounds of Boston, original to this collection, May 2013.
• “Sculpture Garden,” about Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston, original to this collection, May 2013.
• “Morning in Sleepy Hollow,” about the Old Dutch Burying Ground and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Gothic.Net, June 2002.
• “These Honored Dead,” about Soldiers National Cemetery of Gettysburg, Gothic.Net, July 2002.
• “A Cemetery that Once Rivaled Niagara Falls,” about my visit to Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery, appeared on Morbid Outlook, April 2009.
• “Cradle to Grave,” about the Bethany Lutheran Indian Cemetery, St. Louis, Michigan, original to this collection, May 2013.

Uncollected Travel Essays:

“Feeling Alive on the Day of the Dead,” about the Dia de los Muertos celebration at Hollywood Forever, Cemetery Travel, November 1, 2011.

“Thoughts from the World Trade Center, April 2002,” about Ground Zero in Manhattan, Red Room, September 9, 2011.

“San Francisco: Crimes Seen,” twelve reasons why crime and entertainment meld in my hometown, Instant City #5, November 2007. Reprinted from the Spooky Con booklet, January 2003. An excerpt called “Attractive Nuisance,” about the Golden Gate Bridge, appeared in Morbid Curiosity #6, April 2002. The full version was originally published in Trips: A Travel Journal #12, April 2000.

“City in Amber,” an exploration of Pompeii, Morbid Curiosity #10, May 2006.

“The Queen of the Night Battles Jet Lag,” Monozine #10, Summer 2004. Originally published on Trip Lit, July 2002.

“Anarchy in Calaveras County,” PILLS, THRILLS, CHILLS, AND HEARTACHE: ADVENTURES IN THE FIRST PERSON, edited by Clint Catalyst and Michelle Tea (Alyson Books), February 2004.

“Love for Rent,” about Tokyo love hotels, Trip Lit, October 2002.

“The Dead Downtown,” about the graveyards of Lower Manhattan, Gothic.Net, August 2002.

“A Restless Wind is Blowing through Highgate,” about the Highgate Vampire,, August 2002. Reprinted from Gothic.Net, October 2001.

“Iniquity by the Glass,” about drinking absinthe in Prague, Trip Lit, August 2002. Originally published as “Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder,” Trips: A Travel Journal #16, December 2000.

“When You’re Strange,” about wandering around Amsterdam at night, Trip Lit, June 2002.

“San Francisco’s Secret Cemetery,” about the Neptune Society Columbarium, Gothic.Net, May 2002.

“Short was My Life, Long is My Rest,” about the historic cemetery at Iowa Hill, California, Gothic.Net, March 2002.

“Young Souls and Old Stones,” about the Old City Cemetery in Sacramento, California, on the Stones CD (Lone Wolf Publications), February 2002.

“When You’re Having Fun: the Capuchin crypts of Rome,” Gothic.Net, July 2001.

“Life Lessons from the Museum of Death,” Morbid Curiosity #5, May 2001.

“In the Dark,” about visiting Marilyn Monroe’s grave, Gothic.Net, March 2001.

“Evanescent Heroism,” about Postman’s Park cemetery in London, Gothic.Net, April 2000.

“What the Worm Does Not Conquer,” about visiting the graves of Poe, Baudelaire, and Kafka, Gothic.Net, September 1999.

“What I Did on My Summer Vacation,” about the Pioneer Cemetery at Marshall Gold Discovery State Park, Gothic.Net, August 1999.

“The Laserium of Sound,” a travel essay about San Francisco’s Audium, Cyber-Psychos AOD #9, August 1999.

“So Shall You Be,” about the Sedlec catacombs in the Czech Republic, Morbid Curiosity #3, May 1999.

“Hanging Out in Old Salem Town,” about the Salem Witch Museum, Morbid Curiosity #3, May 1999 (as Lorelei Dot).

“Getting inside Alcatraz,” a tourist’s guide to Alcatraz, Morbid Curiosity #3, May 1999.

“Unholy Obsession” about traveling to see graveyards, Gothic.Net, April 1999. Updated from DEATH’S GARDEN: RELATIONSHIPS WITH CEMETERIES (Automatism Press), January 1995.

“Mother’s Day in Jawbone Canyon,” about meeting a rattlesnake in the Mojave Desert, The Collective Cauldron #1, October 1998.

“Voodoo for Tourists,” about the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, Morbid Curiosity #2, August 1998 (as Lorelei Dot).

“Let’s Trip! San Francisco: Leonardo da Vinci and the Penny Arcade,” about San Francisco’s Musée Mechanique and Camera Obscura, Browbeat #2, Fall 1996 (as Lorelei Dot).

“Going In” about the Exploratorium’s Tactile Dome, TRAVELER’S TALES: SAN FRANCISCO, May 1996.

“Let’s Trip! San Francisco: Golden Gate Park After Dark,” Browbeat #1, Fall 1993 (as Lorelei Dot).

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