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The Weekly Morbid

It’s been a busy week for your humble narrator: Tonia Brown interviewed me for her Backseat Writer blog. You’ll get an adult content warning if you click the link, but my interview is safe to read. “Anatomy Lab,” an essay … Continue reading

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In Defense of Dialog Tags

The English language has an amazing array of synonyms for “say.”  Characters can tease or shout, whisper or boast, promise or argue.  “Ask” has nearly as many shades of meaning, from begging to negotiating, demanding to inquiring. I love the … Continue reading

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Bay Area Cemetery Tours

Originally posted on Cemetery Travel: Your Take-along Guide to Graves & Graveyards Around the World:
Rose Hill Cemetery, 2001 I spent last year’s Nanowrimo working on a book about the historic cemeteries of the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve visited…

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March Plug #4 — Loren Rhoads

Originally posted on Ty Schwamberger:
As Above, So Below by Loren Rhoads & Brian Thomas Synopsis   When the succubus Lorelei sees the angel Azaziel from across the bar, she knows he’s been cast out of Heaven, but is not…

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The Power of Names

When I started the first succubus story for Brian, I needed a name for the main character.  He was fascinated by Coop’s devil girl stickers: big happy girls who didn’t apologize for liking sex.  Coop’s girls looked like they called themselves … Continue reading

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