World Horror in Portland


Photo by R. Samuel Klatchko

Just a few more days until the World Horror Convention opens in Portland! I cannot wait to go. I’ve never spent the night in Portland, so I’m looking forward to getting to know it better.

Here is my schedule for WHC2014. It’s pretty loose, which means there is plenty of time to check out Hale Pele.

I’m checking in to the hotel around noon, then heading straight out to Lone Fir Cemetery with whoever wants to come along. Mad as the Mist and Snow: Exploring Oregon through its Cemeteries says, “If you choose only one cemetery to visit in Oregon, this should be it.”  I have a mission!

1-2 PM
I’m tag-teaming with the formidable Paula Guran to critique a story for the Writers Workshop.

4-4:30 PM
I’ll be reading from As Above, So Below — and maybe a taste of The Dangerous Type, which should be out from Night Shade this time next year.

5 PM
Drinks with the Ladies of Horror
This one is tentative, but I hope it happens.  If you’re a horror-writer of the female persuasion, you should meet us in the hotel bar.

7-9 PM
Beyond Bizarre Walking Tour
I’m ditching the Mass Autograph Signing this year to go hear ghost stories and poke around Portland’s underbelly.  It should be a blast.

12-1 PM
Starving in Style: Surviving as a Small Press panel – Me (moderating), Cameron Pierce, Chris Morey, Steven Booth, Ross Lockhart, and Kate Jonez
We’ll explore the how you can run a press without running it into the ground.

I’m debating the Stoker Banquet, but I will be at the after-party to celebrate all my friends who won.

11-12 PM
Smut, Gore, and More: Romance and Erotica in Horror
David Fitzgerald, Lucas Mangum, Tiffany Scandal, Robert Devereaux, and me.
Writing about violence and sex can be challenging. What’s truly gratuitous vs. integrated sex and violence, and how to depict it with eloquence, humor, and a unique voice rather than parts mashing or blowing up mechanically on the page.

I’m around the rest of the afternoon.  Either there will be a pilgrimage to Powell’s or another cemetery adventure, depending on the weather and the company I can scare up.

Books I’ll have to sign:
1. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW (Black Bed Sheets – New release!)

THE HAUNTED MANSION PROJECT, both YEAR ONE and YEAR TWO, will be for sale in the Dealers Room at the Damnation Books table. I’ll be glad to sign those, too.

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