The Char behind Charred Remains

Click on the cover (by Zoe Humphries) to learn more about the book.

Click on the cover (by Zoe Humphries) to learn more about the book.

I met Char Hardin through the wonderful Ladies of Horror group on Facebook, which was designed as a place for horror-writing women to network.  Char invited me to participate in the first Night of Storytellers on her Blog Talk Radio podcast, so I asked if I could interview her here.

First off, you should know how amazingly generous Char is.  She has done thoroughly helpful podcasts about how to get started podcasting yourself, how to promote your independently published books, as well as reaching out to many struggling new authors and artists.  It’s been an honor and a privilege to get to know her.

Tonight (June 30), Char is having a book release party on Charred Remains for the first mini-book in her new fantasy serial, Ogres of the Hickory Cottage.

She’ll be giving away a copy of my novel As Above, So Below,  as well as a bunch of other goodies, so tune in tonight at 6:30 Central.

Loren:  How do you describe the Charred Remains show?

Char Hardin: Charred Remains is a horror variety talk show. It was set up to be once a week, but last year I averaged 3 shows a week, sometimes four. My regular night is Thursday at 9 p.m. Central at

Sometimes I have special shows on Saturday nights. June 7th was an experiment.  I invited 15 authors to join me on Charred Remains for a special show called A Night of Storytellers. Thank you, Loren, for being one of the 15 other authors who participated on the first show.

(Char did another Night of Storytellers on June 28 with 8 authors.)

LR: What inspired you to start podcasting?

CH:  I started writing reviews the end of 2011. The website that featured my reviews was big on podcasters. I caught the fever. I wanted to learn how to conduct podcasts and produce some of my own ideas. I started the first “Girls Night Out” podcast on the website. I invited a few ladies involved with indie horror and we hung out chatting about work, off-time, politics… We pretty much covered everything in that first show. After that, my shows just took off.

LR: How long have you been doing this show?

CH: Charred Remains was created in December 2012. I will be celebrating its 100th Blog Talk Radio show July 31st of this year. My official podcast number is 150 shows.

LR: Has the format or the process changed over time?

CH: I changed from recording my shows using a Skype recorder to being broadcasted on Blog Talk I like the convenience of live radio, as opposed to recording and having to spend long amounts of time editing and perfecting any errors made during the recording of the show.

LR: What is your favorite part of doing Charred Remains?

CH: The absolute best thing is meeting people involved with horror, my favorite genre. Whether they are involved with film, music, books, art, FX, etc., doesn’t matter, I love having them on my show. I am a reviewer/writer second, but I am fan first.

I am a quiet interviewer, because I get so caught up with what my guests are sharing on my show that I often fade into the background and give my guest(s) the platform they need to promote their careers. It’s not that I am a lazy interviewer; I just get caught up with what they are saying. I am a people person and enjoy meeting new people each week on my show. Every guest has a story and I want to hear it as much as my audience does. For me, the absolute best thing about podcasting is listening to what my guests have to say.

The second best thing is sharing their words and work with other like-minded horror fans.

LR: If people are new to your podcast, where should they start?

CH: Go to my Charred Remains Facebook page and look around. If you are interested in listening to the show, go to and dig in.

LR: What kind of fun things do you have lined up for the future?

CH: I was recently interviewed by Jackie Chin of Zombiepalooza. She and I talked about having podcast hosts gather for a Radio Hosts Night Out, so that’s in the works. Each week is someone talking about all things horror on the show.

Thank you, Loren, for the interview and for sharing me with your readers. I hope they enjoy the show.

LR: The pleasure’s mine!

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