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Loren & Mason in Japan in the spring.

Loren & Mason in Japan in the spring.

Sorry for the long silence.  Last week was rough: two things that I was very excited about either fell through or got postponed, and I don’t really know why.  The twin disasters spun me and choked off my voice.

Good things have been happening this week, though.  I’ve been plugging away on a new memoir on Wattpad.  It’s called All You Need is Morbid: A Travel Love Story.  Most of the pieces have been published before, in various places, but some of them are original to the book.  They’ve never been assembled this way before.

This is the way I described the book on Wattpad: “Join my husband Mason and me as we poke through ossuaries, love hotels, medical museums, old graveyards, and hot new restaurants — and almost get sacrificed to a volcano. My brand-new memoir, exploring the world from San Francisco to Japan by way of Paris, Prague, and Pompeii, is debuting on Wattpad.”

I’m going to wrap the book up in the next couple of days, but you’ll be able to read it for free for the next six months.  In the meantime, here are the illustrations for the essays. They don’t click through to the stories themselves, but you can follow the Wattpad link above and find them.

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