The Weekly Morbid, weekend edition

Halloween Tree photo by Mason Jones.

Halloween Tree photo by Mason Jones.

Whew!  Halfway through the Days of the Dead, I find myself looking forward to the relative calm of Nanowrimo.  October has been a whirlwind of talking to people about cemeteries, visiting cemeteries, photographing cemeteries, and writing a ton of guest posts for people.  Not all of those are live yet, so I won’t link them here.  Soon, though.

Last week, I had a great phone conversation with Kristi Palma from  That led to her quoting me in A Fun-Filled Day in the Cemetery? Absolutely!

The Frugal Travel Guy site name-checked Wish You Were Here in their story Walking Among the Dead: The Art of Cemetery Travel.

Last night I vanity googled myself and found a review of Wish You Were Here in Indonesian.  It’s worth translating it, if you find that sort of thing amusing:

In other news, Natasha Ewendt interviewed me writing and As Above, So Below on her blog on Goodreads:

Finally, the cover has been revealed on Amazon for the first book of my space opera trilogy, The Dangerous Type. You can even preorder the book already.

This upcoming week, I’m going to finish up the final revisions to The Dangerous Type and turn the text in, so I’m really excited to get that taken care of so I can start finishing the second book.

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  1. tbaird1 says:

    Hi Loren. Got the copy of Richardson’s “Death, Disection…” you sent. Thank you. My pile of books would be too tall if half weren’t on my tablet. I’m off to read your links and pre-order your new one. Be well.

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