The Dangerous Type hits the streets

Yesterday was the official release date of the first book of my trilogy.  I’ve been merrily checking the links as they come in. There are some great ones I wanted to share.

First off, The Dangerous Type made io9’s list of must-read fiction for July.  I am thrilled to be on a list with my hero Richard Kadrey’s new Sandman Slim book, as well as Kim Stanley Robinson, Guillermo del Toro, China Mieville, N.K. Jemsin, and Wesley Chu’s Time Salvager (which looks really good.)  Check the whole list out here:

DangerousType_FINAL_04The Dangerous Type also made Barnes & Noble’s Bookseller’s Picks for July. Some of the same books made this list, along with reprints by Michael Moorcock and Neil Gaiman. I like their description of it: “In the grimdark universe of Rhoads’s propulsive, action-heavy debut, the universe’s deadliest assassin sets off on a mission of vengeance into a galaxy wracked by genocidal warfare. The stage is set for a revenge tale constructed from a web of complex, strained relationships.”  Here’s the rest of the list:

My friend Martha Allard, to whom the book is dedicated, blogged about selling it out at my hometown B&N:

Would you like a taste of the book itself?  Armand Rosamilia published an excerpt on his blog this morning!

There are a couple more guest posts coming up that I am super excited about coming up soon, but I’ll link those when I can.

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  1. I sold a couple of ebooks of it while I’m waiting for restock. I’m so excited.

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