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The Dangerous Type was spotted at Powell's Books. Photo courtesy of LisaMary Wichowski.

The Dangerous Type was spotted at Powell’s Books. Photo courtesy of LisaMary Wichowski.

I haven’t been blogging here, but I’ve been getting around.  Here’s the update on my wanderings:

The thrill of today was guest blogging about persona on Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog:

Last week, the amazing Jaime Johnesee hosted me on her blog and let me talk about the gender of my name: 

In the fastest submission to publication ever, Shells Walter interviewed me for her blog:  Here’s my favorite part, where she asks me to talk a little about the upcoming books:

“I wanted to play with different tropes in each book.  The Dangerous Type is a space opera revenge story centered around two interlocking love triangles.  Kill By Numbers is a Philip K. Dick mind warp, which deals with the failure of the Templar tech and looks into the nature of memory and truth.  No More Heroes is an interspecies love story set in a courtroom drama that ends with a time travel attack and rescue, as a venue for exploring the way a strong leader can influence people and inspire the best in them. The second and third books will both be out before the end of the year.”

NevermoreAnd as a nice surprise, Caro Soles, co-editor of the nEvermore! anthology, wrote about discovering my story in the slush pile. She describes it as “a clammy, chilling, shivery sort of tale that snakes its way along your nerves.”

I have three more guest posts out in the world — and another handful I need to write. The pneumonia hasn’t turned loose of me yet, so everything is taking me longer than I’d like.

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