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The Dangerous Type at West Portal Books, San Francisco: between Reynolds and Robinson.

The Dangerous Type at West Portal Books, San Francisco: between Reynolds and Robinson.

A whole bunch more of my guest posts have gone live since my last update, so I’ve collected up the links.

My hope with the guest posts is to reach audiences who might not ever hear of my books otherwise. I know there’s a lot of posturing these days about respecting yourself as a writer and not giving your work away for free, but I see guest posting as advertising.  With ads, you either pay for the space with your cash or with your time.  I don’t have a lot of cash, but I do have a lot to say.

Anyway, I’m still punk at heart enough to believe we all lift each other up.  I’m honored to be allowed to talk to these other bloggers’ friends and followers.

This morning I’m over at Tracie McBride’s Exquisite Corpse answering Publishers Weekly’s charge that I’m trying to bring grimdark to space opera:

Eden Royce hosted me at Dark Geisha to talk about the connection between fighting women and dance in an essay I called Crafting a Character:

Emerian Rich (in her secret identity as Emmy Z. Madrigal) let me invade her romance blog to answer the reviewer who said The Dangerous Type was a good gateway to get your romance-reading friends to read space opera:  Counting Kisses

And Fiona McVie interviewed me for her long-running series of Author Interviews:

I wrote a couple of pieces that weren’t directly related to The Dangerous Type, too.

Sherry Peters invited me to contribute to her Stories of Perseverance to Inspire Struggling Writers, so I wrote about how Luck Favors the Prepared:

On Decluttering for Writers and Other Packrats, Morven Westfield allowed me to rave about hiring a professional organizer to sort through the Morbid Curiosity detritus:  Paperwork, Be Gone!

Pamela Kinney invited me to her Supernatural Friday blog to talk about moving into my house: Of course I live in a Haunted House:

I’ve got 5 more essays promised, then I’m going to take a break on the guest posting until Kill By Numbers comes out in September.  Plenty of other things to look forward to, though.  I’ve got at least two live events coming in August. I hope to have the details of those soon.

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