Kill By Numbers hits the streets

Kill By Numbers

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If it feels like the first book in my space opera trilogy just came out, you’re right.  The Dangerous Type came out July 7. Today, the sequel — Kill By Numbers — comes out.

My publishers call it the Netflix Effect, like when you discover a new TV show and binge-watch ’til you’re done.  With that in mind, the final book — No More Heroes — comes out in November.  You have time to catch up before then.

In some ways, Kill By Numbers is a different animal from the first book.  Where The Dangerous Type was a Hong Kong-style revenge story dressed up in space opera, Kill By Numbers is a Philip K. Dick mindwarp, complete with conspiracy, evil corporations, and reality as a fluid the main character is swimming in.

Suzanne Johnson is giving away a copy on her blog:

On the shelves at the Barnes & Noble in Flint, Michigan. Photo by Mart Allard.

On the shelves at the Barnes & Noble in Flint, Michigan. Photo by Mart Allard.

Would you like a taste of the book itself?  I’ve put a sample up here:

There haven’t been many reviews up yet, but Library Journal says, “This military-flavored space opera, which launched with Dangerous Type, is sure to please David Weber and Joel Shepherd fans.”

The Book Faerie liked the Veracity‘s crew: “The airship she’s on has all kinds of aliens making up the crew.  I enjoyed reading about how they looked, how they talked and what their positions were for work.  There’s a lizard, octopus, and a cat-like creature among the crew.  There’s even a human captain.  She knows these people and likes them but she’s a weapon.” listed it second in their Fiction Affliction list for the fall.

First sighting in the wild: Kill By Numbers at Books Inc. on Van Ness, San Francisco.

First sighting in the wild: Kill By Numbers at Books Inc. on Van Ness, San Francisco.

Finally, Geek Dad had very nice things to say about The Dangerous Type: “There’s a healthy dose of chase scenes and heists mixed into this tale, and it was such a fun ride. Rhoads has created some fun alien races, some interesting technologies, and wonderful locations (included domed underwater hideouts), but it’s the dialogue and characterization that will win you over to this new series. I cannot wait to see where this story moves next… although (slight spoiler ahead), Rhoads has setup a very motley/Firefly-like crew by story’s end that begs for more shenanigans in a universe where humans aren’t the center of attention.”

Kill By Numbers should be in bookstores everywhere. Send me a photo of it at your local bookstore and I will enter you in a drawing to win a copy of No More Heroes in November.

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I'm the author of 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die and Wish You Were Here: Adventures in Cemetery Travel, as well as a space opera trilogy. In addition to blogging at, I blog about my morbid life at
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