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Kill By NumbersJust a reminder:  I’m reading a taste of Kill By Numbers at the Borderlands Books Sponsors’ Open Mic tonight at 7 pm. I’m going on first.

I’ve had a bunch of guest posts go up since I made my last list:

I was immensely honored to answer Alyx Dellamonica’s Heroine Question, in the footsteps of Gemma Files, Marie Brennan, Kelly Robson, and Maria Alexander. This is the best interview series I’m reading now and it’s a thrill to take part.

Nicholas Kaufmann encouraged me to talk about The Scariest Part of writing Kill By Numbers.  This is another guest blog series that is absolutely fascinating. I’m excited to be able to take part.

Carole Ann Moleti interviewed me for her blog and included a sample of Kill By Numbers.

I talked about tentacles, octopi, and fluid gender at Aidee Ladnier’s blog.

In my other life as a cemetery researcher, I’m putting up an essay a week on Cemetery Travel as I start to assemble the second volume of Death’s Garden: Relationships with Cemeteries.  Here’s one of my favorite essays from the original book, by my As Above co-author Brian Thomas. If you’d like to contribute a personal essay to the series, here are the guidelines.

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