My bookshop is live!

IMG_5436I’ve spent the last month completely overhauling and updating this website. For someone who is tech-challenged, that has been a big undertaking.  Hopefully all the information is current and easier to find now.

The biggest addition is that you can now buy my books from this website.  Whether you want to scoop up one of the last two copies of Morbid Curiosity #5 or you’d like to have (or give) an inscribed copy of one of my novels, you can do that directly from me now. If you’ve ordered from me in the past, you know my packages always come with stickers, postcards, and other goodies.

Stay tuned to the bookshop, too. I plan to add some secondhand books as I cull my library. These will include rare vampire books, cemetery books, San Francisco history, and more.

You can access the bookshop from the nav bar above or follow this link:


About Loren Rhoads

I'm the author of The Dangerous Type, Kill By Numbers, and No More Heroes. I am also the co-author (with Brian Thomas) of the novel Lost Angels and the author of the essay collection Wish You Were Here: Adventures in Cemetery Travel. In addition to blogging at, I blog about my morbid life at
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  1. Very impressive! Looks great!

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