Never Enough: 2015

Every year I recap the writing triumphs and disappointments of the previous twelve months. Every year I feel like I’ve never done enough. This year, with the three space opera novels out, I feel a little better about what I managed to accomplish, but I still see room for improvement.

Which means that this is the year that I’ve finally faced that I will never be satisfied.

I did manage to jump on almost every guest-posting opportunity I saw, as well as doing a bunch of readings and networking. Now that I gather all the links together, it looks like I was busier than I thought.


The Dangerous Type came out in July from Night Shade Books.  Beauty in Ruins said, “The story really takes off and races towards one of the more satisfying conclusions I’ve come across in years.”

Kill By Numbers came out from Night Shade Books in September. Geek Dad said, “I do like a good science fiction tale that revolves around questionable characters. That’s probably why I’m so crazy about Loren Rhoads ‘In the Wake of the Templars’ trilogy of books. There’s not an upstanding citizen to be found, but there are plenty of shades of gray. Raena and her crew are quickly becoming some of my favorite scoundrels, and I cannot wait to see where this story goes!”

No More Heroes, the conclusion of the series, came out from Night Shade Books in November.

Short fiction:

NevermoreAn Alondra story called “The Drowning City” appeared in NEVERMORE! TALES OF MURDER, MYSTERY, AND THE MACABRE, edited by Nancy Kilpatrick and Caro Soles. The book came out in July 2015. Contributors include Margaret Atwood, Nancy Holder, William Nolan, Thomas Roche, and Tanith Lee.

Another Alondra story — “Sakura Time” — was accepted by Billie Sue Mosiman for FRIGHT MARE: WOMEN WRITE HORROR, which will be out in February 2016.


“Puzzling Out History,” the last of my Scoutie Girl travel essays, when up in January.

“Touched by a Ghost,” an excerpt from my essay in the first Haunted Mansion Project book appears in THE HORROR ADDICT’S GUIDE TO LIFE, edited by David Watson and published by  Other contributors include Emerian Rich, Sumiko Saulson, H.E. Roulo, Laurel Anne Hill, and many more.

An essay about San Francisco’s Wave Organ will appear in the spring issue of SEARCH magazine.


I put some of my earliest published stories up on Wattpad.  These were the genesis of the characters that eventually appeared in the space opera trilogy.

“Just Another Day in Paradise” is up on Wattpad under the title Life During Wartime: Volume 1. In the snows of Hoth, a fighter pilot, the crew of a medical shuttle, and a former Imperial prisoner are just trying to survive to fight another day. This Star Wars fanfic, co-written with Martha Allard and Brian Thomas, was originally published in Tales of the New Republic.

“Claustrophobia,” “Trust,” and “Redemption,” the original Raena Zacari stories, were published in the zines Anthology and Tales of a New Republic by Martha Allard. I gathered them together as Life During Wartime: Volume 2 on Wattpad.

“A Contest of Nerves,” the original story introducing Ariel Shaad to the character who would become Gavin Sloane, appears on Wattpad.

This is getting long, so I’ll continue later. Thanks for reading this far.


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