Never Enough: 2015, part 3

DangerousType_FINAL_04One of the ways I worked to get the word out about The Dangerous Type and its sisters was to guest blog anywhere that would have me.  Here’s the whole list for this year:

The Dangerous Type:

The amazing Jaime Johnesee hosted me on her blog to talk about the gender of my name and its effect on the publication of The Dangerous Type: 

Mary Robinette Kowal let me blog about my experiments in persona of her My Favorite Bit blog feature:

Related to that, I wrote on Lisa Lane’s Cerebral Writer blog about how point of view affects The Dangerous Type

At Tracie McBride’s Exquisite Corpse, I answered Publishers Weekly’s charge that I’m trying to bring grimdark to space opera:

Eden Royce hosted me at Dark Geisha to talk about the connection between fighting women and dance in an essay I called Crafting a Character: invited me to talk about where my claustrophobia came from and how it inspired The Dangerous Type

I followed that up by talking about the decision to imprison Raena in the Templar tombs at Emerian Rich’s Emz Box blog:

Emerian (in her secret identity as Emmy Z. Madrigal) let me invade her romance blog to answer the reviewer who said The Dangerous Type was a good gateway to get your romance-reading friends to read space opera:  Counting Kisses

Armand Rosamilia allowed me to post an excerpt on his blog:

Kill By NumbersKill By Numbers:

Nicholas Kaufmann encouraged me to talk about The Scariest Part of writing Kill By Numbers.  This is another guest blog series that is absolutely fascinating. I’m excited to be able to take part.

John Everson took over Not Now, Mommy’s Reading for a month of Not Now, Mommy’s Screaming blog posts.  I wrote about the connection between Lorelei, the succubus heroine of As Above, So Below, and Raena, heroine of the Templar books.  It’s worth checking out the blog post to see the fun illustrations they added:  Exes & Ohs at

At Aidee Ladnier’s blog, I talked about tentacles, octopi, and fluid gender.

For her Tell Me feature, Jennifer Brozek asked me to tell her about Kill By Numbers, so I talked about relationships falling apart:

At Unleaded, I talked about the accusations of Mary Sueism thrown at any competent female character — and who the real Mary Sue is in Kill By Numbers:

For Fran Wilde’s Book Bites feature, I discussed using cooking as characterization of the Veracity’s captain:

ITWT_Book3_NoMoreHeroes_TYPENo More Heroes:

Wattpad’s Fan Fiction community invited me to talk about how writing Star Wars fanfic led me to a three-book contract with Night Shade Books:

Non-Space Opera guest posts:

Sherry Peters invited me to contribute to her Stories of Perseverance to Inspire Struggling Writers, so I wrote about how Luck Favors the Prepared:

On Decluttering for Writers and Other Packrats, Morven Westfield allowed me to rave about hiring a professional organizer to sort through the Morbid Curiosity detritus:  Paperwork, Be Gone!

Pamela Kinney invited me to her Supernatural Friday blog to talk about moving into my house: Of course I live in a Haunted House:

I wrote about eating in the dark for Lawrence Schoen’s Eating Authors feature:

Emerian Rich invited me to kidnap the Horror Addicts blog for a couple of days in October, so I wrote about the graves of horror’s forefathers: part one, part two, part three.

The Horror Writers Association hosted its annual Halloween Haunts blog series, so of course I wrote about Graveyard Horrors:


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