The Morbid Week Ahead

Lost-Angels-FrontI’m going to be on Other Worlds of Romance tomorrow (Monday) night, reading from The Angel’s Lair and talking about succubi. You can listen in (or check the podcast later) here:

Sometime in the next week, my list of “Five Science Fiction Novels that Center on Bisexuality” should be going up on as part of their Diverse Reads week.  Here’s the link:

Thursday I’m heading out to WorldCon!  That will be a post or two of its own.

In all the travel last month, I missed telling you about a couple of other things:

I hosted a discussion of language in science fiction world-building at Queer Sci Fi last month.  I talked about my mission behind the languages in the Templar books.  I’m really pleased with how my essay on the subject turned out:

I chatted with Elizabeth Black on The Women Show about my work on and the Death’s Garden project I’ve been putting together. You can listen to the podcast here:

Ongoing Adentures:

I’ve been putting tastes of Lost Angels up for free on Wattpad.  You can check out what Lorelei’s up to here:

Oh, and if you’re on Instagram, I’ve been fiddling around there. It’s mostly cemetery photos and weird stuff I see on my travels:


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