199 Cemeteries link round-up

199Cemeteries_1AI have a momentary breather between book events, so I wanted to collect up all the links so far for the press and guest posts I’ve been doing for 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die.

The tour kicked off in July, when I was interviewed for the Blueprint for Living show on Australia’s ABC radio. That generated 3 pieces: the audio of the radio show, an article about cemetery tourism, and a list of the best cemeteries in the world.

Tombstone Tourism:

Dark Tourism: Why Would You Want to Spend Your Holiday Visiting a Cemetery?

Cemetery Travel: World’s Best Destinations

The New York Times featured the book in their Open Book column in the Books section:
A Guide to Graveside Tourism

The San Francisco Chronicle also featured it in their Sunday Lit section:
Travel Books: 199 Cemeteries A Lively Chronicle of Culture

Time magazine interviewed me for their 10/3/17 issue:
What Gets Remembered: How Visiting a Cemetery Can Teach you About History

San Francisco magazine interviewed me about Bay Area cemeteries that everyone should visit:
Just in Time for Halloween, Bay Area Cemeteries to See Before You Die

I did a couple of radio interviews:

From the Bookshelf @ 23 minutes in

Narrative Species
Life, Death, and Everything in Between

Agony Column (long version):

The Agony Column (short version):

Several places did photo-heavy features, including:

Atlas Obscura:
In Search of Cemeteries Alive with Beauty, Art, and History

Mental Floss:
12 of the Most Beautiful Cemeteries Around the World

Did You Know:
7 Amazing Cemeteries to Visit Before You Inhabit One (if You’re into That Sort of Thing)

Mind-Blowing Facts:
10 Unique Cemeteries to Visit Before You Inhabit One

The book was featured on a couple of book lists:
The Order of the Good Death’s Resource List:

Cult of Weird’s Morbid Must-Reads for Fall:

And some of my guest posts have started to show up.

Cemetery Sights: Norton, Emperor of the United States

The Author Spot
Did You Know There are Travel Sites Dedicated to Cemeteries?

Horror Addicts
The Most Haunted Cemetery in the World

There’s more to come, including USA Today, Preservation magazine, and RealSimple.com.

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