Nanowrimo Write-in Tonight

NaNoWriMo_2016_WebBadge_cropFor the third year in a row, I’m hosting a series of National Novel Writing Month write-ins at Borderlands Cafe in San Francisco’s Mission District. This year they’ll take place on Wednesday nights from 6-8 pm (except for 11/15, when the cafe has something else going on).  It’s free to come and write, but the cafe would appreciate it if you’d buy a cup of coffee or something to help keep the lights on.

If you can’t be come to the Borderlands Cafe in person, please join us virtually.  Comment below or ping me on Facebook or Twitter and let me know you are writing.  I’ll be with you in spirit.

You do not have to be signed up for Nanowrimo to join the write-in, although I encourage you to do it if you’re up for a challenge.  It’s amazing to feel part of a community of people pounding out the words and shaping reality.

At times like these, when the surface of reality is shifting beneath our feet, it is more important than ever to write.  Tell YOUR story. Spill out your fear and frustration.  Or  make something up and create a place to escape. It doesn’t matter what you write, only that you do.

Every word that you write will heal you a little more.  If you’re lucky, you may also heal someone else.

The Borderlands Cafe is at 870 Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission District.  It’s between 19th and 20th Street. I’ll be at the tables in the back.

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  1. owlwoman says:

    What an excellent idea! I’d be there, virtually, if I could, but it works out at 2 – 4 am British time. I may well be awake, but I won’t be fit to write. All the best to everyone who takes part.

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