Alondra’s Experiments

Alondra's Experiments cover

“The three stories collected in Alondra’s Experiments are filled with sensual magic that whispers like velvet. Alondra DeCourval walks with monsters, magicians, and old and deep power. Be prepared to be absorbed into her world.” — Martha J. Allard, author of Black Light

Available now for the kindle is a collection of previously published stories about Alondra Decourval, a young witch with a passion to make things right.  Alondra travels from San Francisco to Prague to Olso, encountering magical creatures and searching for the limits she will go to for love.

The book includes:

  • “The Shattered Rose,” about a vampire in Golden Gate Park
  • “Catalyst,” which combines alchemy and absinthe in Prague
  • “Valentine,” set in Oslo, where Alondra discovers how far she will go to save Victor’s life
  • three short essays that tell the stories behind the stories

Alondra’s Experiments is the first of 5 novella-length chapbooks of the Alondra stories. It’s available for the kindle now:

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