Alondra’s Investigations

Alondra's InvestigationsThe second Alondra chapbook went live this morning! In this book, Alondra discovers a book that unleashes earthquakes, fights the things that ghosts are afraid of, and makes the hardest sacrifice in New Orleans.

The stories in Alondra’s Investigations were published previously in New Realm magazine and in the books The Haunted Mansion Project: Year One, and Sins of the Sirens.

You can get your copy for the kindle from Amazon.

The first chapbook, Alondra’s Experiments, is still available, too. Here’s that link:

The advance word on Alondra’s Investigations:

In “The Fatal Book,” Alondra travels to Los Angeles to examine a very old and rare book. Before she can even start, an earthquake shakes the city. As she translates she realizes that if she can’t unravel the book’s power, the earthquake is only the beginning.

The second story is called “A Curiosity of Shadows.” When a friend asks for help sorting the spirits in a haunted house full of jittery writers, Alondra cannot refuse.

The book closes with “Last-Born.” New Orleans might be the home Alondra is looking for. When she receives a visit from Simon, the sultry night seems perfect. But her magic is at odds with a dangerous local practitioner and Alondra must make the hardest sacrifice to bring on the justice he deserves.

The second installment of the Alondra stories glitters with dark magic. We follow Alondra from L.A. to Northern California to New Orleans. She courts the spirits of Air, settles a house of unquiet ghosts and, in the final story, puts an end to one man’s bloody crimes. In all of these stories, there is beautiful and deadly magic. In Alondra’s world, even the litter in the city streets can be made to dance.

— Martha J. Allard, author of Black Light


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