My WorldCon 2018 Schedule

BU worldcon flyer correctWorldCon comes to San Jose, California this week from Thursday, August 16, through Monday the 20th.

Thursday at 2 pm, I’m on a panel with Richard Kadrey, L.S. Johnson, Fred Wiehe, and Scott Sigler, moderated by E.M. Markoff, to discuss What Turns People onto Horror. “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. Roller coasters and skydiving, horror movies and dark fiction, mythology and folklore: what scares us and why are we drawn to it? Members of the Bay Area chapter of the Horror Writers Association share their first experiences with horror and discuss how their fears inspire their work. Audience members are encouraged to share their own experiences.”

Afterward, I’ll be doing an autograph session at the SFWA table at 4.

That night is the Borderlands Sponsors Party, which should be a good time.

Friday, I’ll be hostessing in the SFWA Suite in the morning, catching the Stress Management for Writers panel in the afternoon, then going on the San Jose ghost walk that evening. I’m so looking forward to that!

Saturday morning, I’ll be hostessing in the SFWA Suite again, then signing books at the Broad Universe dealers room table from 1-3.

That evening is the highlight of the convention for me.  I’ve organized a Broad Universe Really Fast Reading on Saturday from 5-6 pm. 15 readers in 1 hour = it should be amazing!

The 50th anniversary of the Clarion workshop is being celebrated by a party on Saturday night.  I went to the 20th anniversary party in 1988, which is where I met Harlan Ellison. I’m curious to see who will turn up at this one.

Sunday I’ll be staffing the Broad Universe dealers room table from 11-3.

See you there?

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