The end of Nanowrimo 2018

Angelus Rose mockup CoverToday is the last day of Nanowrimo 2018. My book isn’t finished, but I am oh so very close to making my 50,000 words for this year.

Today is bittersweet, because I still have at least another month’s work ahead of me to finish this draft, but the real end is within sight.  I just have to not get distracted by the holidays or the ongoing health dramas in my family.  I can do this.  I really want to see this book finished at last.

Earlier this week, we played a little game on Facebook where everyone was invited to list 5 unusual things about their work in progress. My list was this:

  1. Succubus heroine
  2. Gnostic angels
  3.  2 (maybe 3) graveyards
  4.  Griffith Observatory
  5. Canter’s Deli egg creams

I was fascinated by the lists that everyone else came up with.  You can find them” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here, if you’re curious or would like to play.

Lost-Angels-Cover-Front-SmSo what’s this mysterious book I’ve been pounding away at all month?  It’s the sequel to Lost Angels, the novel about a succubus and her angel that came out several years ago.  Lost Angels ended with Lorelei being exorcised of the mortal girl’s soul that was possessing her.  Angelus Rose is about trying to find a place in the world when you’ve been fundamentally changed by love.  It’s still full of delicious horror, too.

I’ll be hosting another write-in at the Borderlands Cafe in San Francisco tonight from 5-7 pm.  Come by if you just need to knock out those last couple-thousand words.  If you’ve already finished, come along and get a jump on your revisions.

Either way, see you at the Nanowrimo TGIO party on December 6?


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