FogCon 2019

Next weekend is my first convention of the year!  I’m looking forward to going back to FogCon in Walnut Creek, California.

Friday afternoon at 3 pm, I’ll be joining Vylar Kaftan, Tina LeCount Myers, and Tyler Hayes to talk about Debut Author Lessons.  Here’s the description:

How do you sign books? What’s the etiquette when talking to bookstores? Join our panel of authors, some brand new, others with several books behind them, as they discuss the things every debut author needs to know, from signing contracts to signing books.

Friday evening is the Borderlands Books get-together. Very much looking forward to seeing all my favorite people at that.

Saturday morning at 9 am is going to be the most fascinating panel of the convention, I promise.  With Maureen Kennedy moderating, E.M. Markoff, Terry Weyna, and I will talk about death! The panel is called Down to Earth: the Future of Green Burial. Here’s that description:

“We’re not detached from Earth. We turn *into* earth.” Inspired by Becky Chambers’ “Record of a Spaceborn Few,” this panel is a discussion of death customs in science fiction and an introduction to existing environmentally conscious burial methods. How can human decay be a catalyst for helping forests flourish, or repopulate coral reefs, or nurture a family garden? What resources exist for people like Kip, who want to care for the bodies of loved ones without prior formal education? Readers inspired by the work of Caretakers like Chambers’ Eyas may be interested to learn that several organizations in the Bay Area not only specialize in providing green burials, home funerals, and death midwifery, they actively seek to train volunteers to provide this care for their own communities.

Sunday afternoon at 1:30 is the annual Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading. Broad Universe is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, encouraging, honoring, and celebrating women writers and editors in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative genres. Emceed by Rebecca Gomez Farrell, L.S. Johnson, Tina LeCount Myers, and I will read selections from our work.

I plan to read a scene from Lost Angels, the first succubus novel, and a bit from the story that just sold to Space & Time, which features characters from my space opera novel The Dangerous Type.

Borderlands will have my books in the Dealers Room.

I’ll be wandering around, so please say hi.

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  1. Sounds interesting! I never thought about there being etiquette for talking to book stores. Have a great time.

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