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Rhoads T4tcf-ad-1This Sunday (8/11) I’ll be back on the “Lilycat on Stuff” radio show on http://FCCFREERADIO.com/ from 12-2 pm San Francisco time. You can listen live or check out the podcast later.

I’ll be talking about and reading from Tales for the Camp Fire: A Charity Anthology Benefiting Wildfire Relief.

I’ve written about this before, but:  Last November, a terrible wildfire burned for 17 days in Northern California. Some of the power company’s equipment failed in a windstorm and threw sparks that burned out of control. The town of Paradise, California was leveled. The smoke from the fire was so bad that it could be seen from space. It drifted 200 miles from Butte County in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to settle in the Bay Area, where I live. For a week, we had the worst air quality in the world. So even if we didn’t lose anything directly in the fire, we were still affected by it.

The local chapter of the Horror Writers Association decided to help the survivors. Ben Monroe suggested we put together an anthology that we could sell to raise money for survivors. I donated four month’s time to edit. Tomes & Coffee volunteered to publish it. The cover art was donated by Petersen Games. All the stories—even the one by Clark Ashton Smith—are donations.

Let me stress that:  No one got paid for this anthology, so we could maximize the amount of money we could donate in support of fire relief. All of the book’s profits are going to the North Valley Community Foundation, which is a clearinghouse in Butte County that applies funds to the greatest needs.

Come get a taste on the radio this weekend, then pick up a copy of the book at: https://amzn.to/2Z0mkw8.


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  1. I’m reading a story in the anthology called “Seven Seconds” by Erika Mailman. It’s a fun read, and the anthology as a whole is definitely worth the purchase.

    Have fun on the radio!

  2. Yes, have fun on the radio! It is on my list.

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