5 Questions for Emmy Z. Madrigal

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve known Emmy a couple of years and count her as a role model. She is one of those people who lifts everyone around her up. She’s also relentlessly creative: writing stories, editing books, making crafts, setting up author events.  Her energy is really inspiring.

Emmy Z. Madrigal is the author of the Regency novella, Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe.  Her previous works include the Sweet Dreams Musical Romance series and the novelettes Anime Girl and Anime Girl 2.  Emmy has been praised for her realistic portrayal of modern female characters and their will to survive in a world of adversity, prejudice, and economic hardship. To find out more, go to: EmmyZMadrigal.com

Teen life sure sucks when you’re half-octopus.

Living on land with her mortal mother seems safe for octo-gal Tealy McKracken until she comes of age and inks herself in front of the town’s mean girl. It doesn’t help that her childhood crush is dating the annoying fashionista werewolf. Disturbing dreams of singing sea creatures aren’t helping.

Can Tealy possibly control her inking, stay away from an evil vampire witch, and win the heart of the vampire prince? Find out in this tentacled love story.


Did something in the real world inspire Ink Dreams

This story is actually quite a departure for me. I write romance and I write horror (under the name Emerian Rich), so when I was approached to write a supernatural creature story, I initially said no. I didn’t think I could feel comfortable writing a supernatural teen romance. It wasn’t in my wheelhouse. But then, Tealy came into my mind and she wouldn’t let me be. I fleshed out the story in about a week. Although the initial story project never came to fruition, Tealy still demanded her story to be heard.

What is your favorite scene in the book?

I really like the relationship between Tealy and Kingston. For romance, those are the bits I’d choose. However, my favorite scene in the book has to do with her coming of age. She has a horrible nightmare and wakes to find she’s “inked” herself. At first, she doesn’t know what’s happening and it’s scary (like when a human girl first gets her period) but her mother gives her a book from her father that explains all about her octo nature and helps her through it. Receiving the book not only helps fill in that part of her that she’s always been a stranger to, but it also brings her closer to the father she remembers very little of.

What was your writing process like as you wrote the book?

This one was written in crazy-fast handwriting in a journal I happened to have in my bag that day. What usually happens is… I will get the majority of the tale in my head–bothering me to the point of distraction–and have to scrawl it all out before I forget or lose the passion for the tale. Then I will go back through, filling in any gaps and shaping the timeline. I often find myself spiraling down the research rabbit hole while checking facts, but it’s an important step that almost always adds depth to the story.

What was the best thing that happened during your promotion of the book?

I’ve just started, so I’ll have to let you know. 🙂 I am excited that this is the first book that is also on Audible, though.

What do you have planned next?

My next announcement will hopefully be the sale of my modern Northanger Abbey reboot, Northanger Lodge. Cross your fingers! 🙂

Check out Emmy’s website at http://www.emmyzmadrigal.com.

You can pick up a copy of Ink Dreams for the Kindle as an audiobook.

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