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Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing several Black women writers about their work. Please check out what they have to say and track down their books, if you can.

InvisibleChains_v2c-cover - 2Michelle Renee Lane: Invisible Chains

A Creole slave relies on ancestral magic to escape. The book was nominated for a Stoker Award this year.


Sumiko Saulson: Black Magic Women

Black Magic WomenFrom flesh-eating plants to flesh-eating bees; zombies to vampires to vampire-eating vampire hunters; ghosts, revenants, witches and werewolves: this book has it all. Cursed drums, cursed dolls, cursed palms, ancient spirits and goddesses create a nuanced world of Afrocentric and multicultural horror. Seventeen terrifying tales are served up by sisters profiled in Sumiko’s reference guide 100 Black Women in Horror.

Denise Tapscott: Gypsy Kisses and Voodoo Wishes

GKVW_coverThis Romeo and Juliet story set in Louisiana’s Carrefour Parish in the 1890s introduces the fascinating Voodoo High-priestess Grandmother Zenobia. The story is impossible to predict and completely addictive. I hope the sequel is coming soon.


Carole McDonnell: My Life as an Onion

MyLifeOnionDenise Higgins, a young Jamaican American college student, accepts an opportunity as a sober companion. Her job is simple: keep Ben Moreau away from drugs and report back to his parents. Not only is he a gorgeous and wealthy French Korean with an ever-so-charming personality, he is willing to befriend her so long as he can have her loyalty.

Black voices matter.

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  1. They all sound like great books. I have read Invisible Chains. It was grim and wonderful.

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