The Angel’s Lair

It started out as a birthday present. I decided I would write a story for Brian’s birthday. I didn’t get it finished on time (typical) so I sent it to him a scene at a time, one each day, until it was done. It was scary and exhilarating to send what were basically rough drafts, straight out of my head, to someone else. Knowing that Brian was on the other end of the screen, awaiting each new installment, was really inspiring. I couldn’t disappoint him by missing a day.

That was how “The Angel’s Lair” was born. It was intended to be a short story, tied up with a bow, presented as a gift.

Brian surprised me by jumping in with a continuation of the story. There was a chapter 2, then a chapter 3, then I was eager to jump in again with a chapter 4…and suddenly we were writing a book together.

We kept writing and writing and the book kept getting longer and longer… Eventually, I broke it apart into 2 books: Lost Angels and Angelus Rose, which came out earlier this year.

One of my goals for the year was to make a video of me reading “The Angel’s Lair.” Laura Blackwell at The Story Hour was kind enough to indulge me. The video is up now on the Story Hour Facebook page:

(Ignore the video image. That’s Mike Allen, who read a killer story about ghost spiders after I finished. It’s the right video — and you should listen to his story, too!)

If you’d like to read “The Angel’s Lair,” it’s available for free as an ebook on Bookfunnel:

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