Music for As Above, So Below

When Brian and I wrote the books about Lorelei and Azaziel, music served as a huge part of our process. We listened to stuff together, then when I needed to get in the mood to write on my own, I’d replay the music to get my brain back into the groove.

One of the bands we listened to a lot was Garbage. The first album and Version 2.0 weren’t quite on repeat, but we played them every session that we worked together. Brian suggested the rockabilly and swing bands. I added new wave and the blues. When I was finishing Angelus Rose last year, I asked my Facebook friends to suggest songs for The Devil’s Playlist. They came up with 15 hours of songs about the devil. Some of those migrated into my As Above playlist.

After Angelus Rose came out in February 2020, I put together a Spotify soundtrack for the As Above, So Below books. Some of the things on it are songs that we reference in the books, like “T’Ain’t What You Do” and Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells.” Some are songs that Brian envisioned as soundtracks to scenes in the book. For instance, “Zoot Suit Riot” is what’s playing in Lost Angels when the fight between the angels and devils breaks out in the back room.

Rather than make a separate playlist for both Lost Angels and Angelus Rose, I put everything together in one list. There’s a break between Firewater’s “When I Burn This Place Down” and X’s “Los Angeles” where one book ends and the other begins.

After the end of Angelus Rose, I added the songs that have inspired the stories I’ve written about Lorelei working in the LA music scene in the 1960s and 70s: “Devil in Her Heart” for the story of the same name, “Dazed and Confused” for Never Bargained for You. “Fame” is there to hold a place for the Lorelei & Bowie story I haven’t written yet.

Here’s the link, in case the embed doesn’t work:

I hope you enjoy the playlist. Please let me know your favorite devil song and I’ll add it to The Devil’s Playlist.

You can learn more about our succubus/angel love story here:

If you’d like to order the “boxed” set of paperbacks from me, I’ll throw in a little gift. You can check Lost Angels & Angelus Rose out at my bookstore. They’re also available individually on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, or as ebooks on Smashwords.


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  1. I do have a fave devil song, but I don’t think it’d fit with Lorelei’s vibe: Joe Nichols’ “Brokenheartsville.”

    • Loren Rhoads says:

      I’ll go check it out. The Devil’s Playlist ranges much more widely than this list. It may fit right in there. Thanks for the suggestion!

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