October Storytime

How is your October coming along? This year is pretty quiet for me, since I backed out of all my in-person events and most cemetery tours are still on hold. This may be the year for carving a whole series of jack-o-lanterns and basking in the glow of my Halloween Village graveyard.

This FRIDAY, October 15, I’m joining R.L. Merrill and Emerian Rich on Clubhouse to chat about What Are You Reading, the Horror edition! It’s my first time on Clubhouse, so I’m curious what will happen.

A postcard from my collection

I read “The Drowning City” — about the creature that stalks Venice after dark — from Best New Horror #27 for The Story Hour last week. You can check out the replay here. I’m in the second half-hour, but settle in and enjoy the whole thing:  https://fb.watch/8A7EKuvdZr/

Ken Volante invited me back to his Something (rather than nothing) podcast, where we had a great death-positive conversation.

I read “Ghost-Inspired Fiction” from This Morbid Life for Fright Girl Autumn. You can check out all the readings at the link or watch just my bit here:

Hungry? I presented one of my favorite autumn recipes from This Morbid Life at Readers Entertainment magazine.

My friend Emerian published my essay, “Telling the Truth as a Radical Act,” about how zines led me to This Morbid Life.

Fanbase Press interviewed me about the art that inspired This Morbid Life.

One of my favorite reviews of This Morbid Life appeared on Black Flowers: a wonderful collection of essays that lead with a curious mind and an openness that we are often asked to avoid. Loren’s writing is touching, amusing and strange. It isn’t just an attempt to be morbid for morbid sake – each essay is an intelligent romp through the human experience – it is weird as it is beautiful.”

Finally, I got a fun review of Reedsy, too. My favorite part: “A collection of essays told in perfectly proportioned chapters that show the — if not always morbid — raw, startlingly real, and uncomfortable side of life.”

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I'm the author of 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die and Wish You Were Here: Adventures in Cemetery Travel, as well as a space opera trilogy. I'm also co-author of a series about a succubus and her angel. In addition to blogging at CemeteryTravel.com, I blog about my morbid life at lorenrhoads.com.
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