Reading “The Angel’s Lair”

“One night an angel named Azaziel walked into a club called Lost Angels. His presence was too much for the succubus Lorelei to resist. From that point on, it’s a race to see who can tilt the other into falling first.”

The first chapter of our novel Lost Angels was originally written as a short story. I wrote it as a birthday present for Brian Thomas, who was so inspired that he unexpectedly wrote a second chapter, then a third chapter…and suddenly we were writing a book together.

Since the story was originally intended as a gift, I thought you might enjoy the story yourself. You have two free options to choose from:

Let me read to you!

Last year, I was honored to read “The Angel’s Lair” for The Story Hour. They recorded the reading, which is up on the Story Hour Facebook page. (Ignore the video image. That’s Mike Allen, who read a killer story about ghost spiders after I finished. It’s the right video — and you should listen to his story, too!) After Daniel Marcus’s very kind introduction, I start about 4 minutes in.

Download the story to your ereader!

If you’d like to read “The Angel’s Lair” yourself, it’s available for free as an ebook on Bookfunnel:

If “The Angel’s Lair” inspires you to want to read the rest of the story, you can find Lost Angels, the first novel of the As Above, So Below duo, here:

Or get both Lost Angels and Angelus Rose as one ebook “set” from Amazon here:

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  1. What a cool gift for your friend, and what a fun way to start a book duo. I got my copy.:-)

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