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Francesca Maria is a member of my local Horror Writers Association chapter, but we haven’t yet met in person. I’m hoping to pick up a copy of her Black Cat Chronicles comic book at the Bay Area Book Festival in May.

Officially, Francesca Maria has been penning horror stories since she was able to pick up a pen and write, at the age of six. This fascination with horror was spurred by her insatiable need to uncover what was haunting her childhood home – a need that continues to this day. She’s the author of the Black Cat Chronicles comic. You can follow her work at

What’s your favorite thing to do in a cemetery?

I love to take in the beauty of cemeteries: the cold, inert stone structures of the various tombs, mixed with vibrant green grass, trees, and nature. It creates the perfect balance between life and death.

Tell me about your favorite cemetery.

My absolute favorite is Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France. Not only is there incredible history buried within its hallowed grounds: Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Georges Bizet to name a few, but there lies an incredible array of magnificent tombstones, monuments, and statues all surrounded by sweeping trees and cobblestoned paths. When I meander through the grounds, I feel like I’ve been transported into another world, as if the world outside its gates no longer exists.

Is there a cemetery or gravesite you’ve always wanted to visit?

I have always wanted to check out the burial site in Graceland, home to the King of Rock and Roll – Elvis. His entire home is a mausoleum dedicated to his legacy. There’s something special, magical even, about his life and career and it would be a thrill to walk where he walked and soak in his energy.

If you have any say in the matter, what would your epitaph be?

I’m not your stepping stone.

Do you have a favorite song about cemeteries or graveyards?

“Pet Sematary” by the Ramones.

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  1. It would be nice to visit Graceland. Good interview!

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