The Kickstarter counts down!

As of 9AM Pacific tomorrow (Saturday) morning, the Kickstarter for the cemetery book I’m editing will be over.

This has been an enormous learning experience. I felt pretty confident going into the project that I could edit an amazing book. Death’s Garden Revisited will be the sixth book I’ve edited — and I’ve worked with presses from Scribner to Damnation to Tomes & Coffee, so I knew it was going to be beautifully designed. The trick was going to be raising the money so I could make the full-color hardcover that I envisioned.

And backers made that happen on the very first day.

Since then, backers have preordered enough books that I can add additional photos to the book, commission a couple of essays, and host a reading on Zoom that will include the international contributors.

The final goal ahead of us is a book release party in a cemetery in the Bay Area. I’m hoping that  will happen before the campaign ends.

This week I announced the book’s Table of Contents on Kickstarter. Here it is:

Cemetery Strawberries – Chris LaMay-West

A Tale of 25,000 Tales – M. Parfitt

Guess How Many People are Buried in Bonaventure Cemetery? – Barbara Baird

Brown Bodies and Burials – Saraliza Anzaldúa

Toasting a Ghost in Northern Ireland – Anne Born

La Recoleta – Rain Graves

How the Forgotten Angels Saved My Life – Emerian Rich

Not a Tourist Attraction – Priscilla Bettis

Sacred Heart – Robert Holt

Family Time – A.M. Muffaz

History Lives Like Ghosts – Trilby Plants

In the Shadow of Eldfell – Greg Roensch

The Silence of Block 14 – Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito

Paris’s Secret Cemetery – Erika Mailman

Katie Likes Flowers – Joanne M. Austin

Marking Fred Gwynne’s Unmarked Grave with Flowers – Sharon Pajka

Wedding Vailes – Angela Yuriko Smith

Crossed Fingers – Jo Nell Huff

New Orleans Blues – Christine Sutton

Communing with the Dead – George Neville-Neil

Death and Spinsterhood: It’s Personal – Rachelle Meilleur

The Swirl of Silence – Denise N. Tapscott

The Day it Snowed in Prague – E.M. Markoff

I Found Love on Find-A-Grave – J’aime Rubio

MS. Inspired by a Graveyard – Trish Wilson

Never Let Your Feet Get Cold – Carrie Sessarego

The Treasure Hunter – Stephen Mark Rainey

Lenin’s Mausoleum – Melodie Bolt

When a Cemetery Speaks – R. L. Merrill

The Hill Church Cemetery of Sighișoara, Romania: An Unforgettable Experience – Rena Mason

A Girl, Her Dad, and a Cemetery – Francesca Maria

Ghost in the Graveyard – Benjamin Scuglia

The Cemetery that Changed My Life – Carole Tyrrell

Exhuming Corpses for Fun and Profit – Paul Stansfield

Ebb and Flow: Finding My Way Back to Family – Mary Rajotte

If you’d like to pick up a copy of the book for yourself, here’s the link:

Don’t snooze! The clock is ticking.

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