Death’s Garden Revisited is available for preorder

Last September, Death’s Garden Revisited came out from in a glorious hardcover edition that I am really proud of. The cemetery photos are huge and lovely. The colors are exquisite. The edition was everything I’d dreamed of.

The book Death’s Garden Revisited collects 40 powerful personal essays — accompanied by full-color photographs — to illustrate why people visit cemeteries. Spanning the globe from Iceland to Argentina and from Portland to Prague, Death’s Garden Revisited explores the complex web of relationships between the living and those who have passed before.

Genealogists and geocachers, travelers and tour guides, anthropologists, historians, pagan priestesses, and ghost hunters all venture into cemeteries in these essays. Along the way, they discover that cemeteries don’t only provide a rewarding end to a pilgrimage, they can be the perfect location for a first date or a wedding, the highlight of a family vacation, a cure for depression, and the best possible place to grasp history. Not to mention that cemetery-grown fruit is the sweetest.

Here’s a tiny preview of it, courtesy of Blurb:

But I wanted to provide an ebook edition for people who couldn’t afford an expensive art book. In the past, Automatism Press has published paperbacks and ebooks directly through Amazon, but since I wanted the high quality paper and full-color cover that Blurb could provide, I went a different route this time.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that a book crammed with huge full-color photos made for an enormous ebook. The first several iterations we assembled were too big to upload to an ereader. Nothing would compress the file small enough.

Long story short: many hours of effort later (interrupted several times by family crises), Death’s Garden Revisited is now available on Amazon for the kindle.

Click on the image above or follow this link to preorder a copy for yourself: The book will be delivered to your kindle on September 15.

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  1. Jo Nell Huff says:

    Great news! Thanks for your persistence and hard work!

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