Death’s Garden Link Round-up

We’re in the last few days of the Death’s Garden Kickstarter. Only the book release party in a cemetery left to achieve.

Over the last 30 days, I have really hustled to get the word out about Death’s Garden Revisited.

In addition to the Facebook party and the AMA on Twitter, the contributors helped me put together a playlist of their favorite cemetery songs. You can listen along on Spotify:

I wrote a post for E. M. Markoff’s Tomes & Coffee blog to explain some of the choices on the playlist:

Jennifer Brozek let me stop by her blog to tell her how I fell in love with cemeteries:

Dr. Sharon Pajka hosted a Cemetery Happy Hour. A handful of Death’s Garden contributors created cocktails to celebrate their favorite cemeteries. Check out this very fun and short video:

In addition to that, I’ve done a whole bunch of interviews:

The Fabulist magazine did a really great interview with me, connecting the Death’s Garden project to Morbid Curiosity magazine:

Angela Yuriko Smith invited me to her Lit Up video series for one of the best cemetery conversation I’ve ever had. Check us out at

Lex Vranick created this great graphic out of one of my quotes.

Lex Vranick of Write and Wine interviewed me about cemeteries and the Kickstarter:

Horror poet Melodie Bolt interview me about the nuts and bolts of doing a Kickstarter :

Blogger Jo Nell Huff interviewed me about the Kickstarter and the contributors to Death’s Garden Revisited:

Amy Z. Chan and R. L. Merrill interviewed me and Hudson Lin about crowdfunding on their Clubhouse podcast, What Are You Reading? You can listen to the playback here:

Anthropologist and horror writer Paul Stansfield interviewed me about how Death’s Garden Revisited fits in with all my other books:

Horror author and secret romantic Robert Holt interviewed me about cemeteries and travel:

Help us reach our final Stretch Goal — a book release party in a cemetery — and preorder yourself a copy of Death’s Garden Revisited on Kickstarter BEFORE Saturday, April 16, at 9 AM Pacific. Here’s the link:

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Death’s Garden contributor: Denise N. Tapscott

I met Denise Tapscott on the Queen Mary during the 2017 StokerCon. She had just published her first novel, a sweeping story that begins as a Romeo and Juliet story and swells into an examination of power, responsibility, and family.

When I mentioned Death’s Garden Revisited to her, she sent me a meditation on American history that encompasses Marie Laveau’s grave in New Orleans, the Whitney Plantation in Edgard, Louisiana, and the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon, California.

Officially, California native Denise N. Tapscott left her heart in San Francisco, but somehow left her soul in New Orleans. She recently joined the popular weekly podcast Beef, Wine & Shenanigans with Steven Van Patten, Marc Abbott, and Kirk A. Johnson. She plays sassy vampire “Tasha” on the YouTube web series The Vamps Next Door. As a member of the HWA, she published her first novel Gypsy Kisses and Voodoo Wishes, as well as her short story “The Price of Salvation.” Check out her work at

What’s your favorite thing to do in a cemetery?

I like to look at the dates and figure out what the oldest grave is.

Tell me about your favorite cemetery.

My favorite is St. Louis #1 in New Orleans. It has a lot of character.

Is there a cemetery or gravesite you’ve always wanted to visit?

I always wanted to visit Marie Laveau’s two graves (which I did). They were amazing.

What would your epitaph be?

I won’t have one because I’d like my ashes to be added to fireworks.

What a great idea!

Loren again:

Denise joined me and two other contributors to Death’s Garden Revisited for a happy hour to the book and the cemeteries we love. I’ll write more about that later this week.

In the meantime, please check out the Kickstarter for Death’s Garden Revisited, which is only available for preorder until Saturday. This beautiful book will be full of 40 amazing essays about why visiting cemeteries is important. Check it out — and preorder a copy for yourself:

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Ask Me Anything Tomorrow!

Tomorrow — Saturday, April 9 — I’m doing my first AMA on Twitter from Noon to 1 PM Pacific. I’m @morbidloren, if you don’t already follow me.

I’m worried that no one will have any questions for me, so please, if you are curious about graveyards, headstones, symbolism, my recommendations for cemetery books, what cemetery bloggers you should follow on Instagram, cemetery podcast recommendations, which cemeteries you should see before you die…ask me anything.

I’m glad to answer questions about Death’s Garden Revisited and the Kickstarter, too.

You’d make my day if you would come to Twitter on tomorrow and ask me something!

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Death’s Garden contributor: Francesca Maria

Francesca Maria is a member of my local Horror Writers Association chapter, but we haven’t yet met in person. I’m hoping to pick up a copy of her Black Cat Chronicles comic book at the Bay Area Book Festival in May.

Officially, Francesca Maria has been penning horror stories since she was able to pick up a pen and write, at the age of six. This fascination with horror was spurred by her insatiable need to uncover what was haunting her childhood home – a need that continues to this day. She’s the author of the Black Cat Chronicles comic. You can follow her work at

What’s your favorite thing to do in a cemetery?

I love to take in the beauty of cemeteries: the cold, inert stone structures of the various tombs, mixed with vibrant green grass, trees, and nature. It creates the perfect balance between life and death.

Tell me about your favorite cemetery.

My absolute favorite is Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France. Not only is there incredible history buried within its hallowed grounds: Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Georges Bizet to name a few, but there lies an incredible array of magnificent tombstones, monuments, and statues all surrounded by sweeping trees and cobblestoned paths. When I meander through the grounds, I feel like I’ve been transported into another world, as if the world outside its gates no longer exists.

Is there a cemetery or gravesite you’ve always wanted to visit?

I have always wanted to check out the burial site in Graceland, home to the King of Rock and Roll – Elvis. His entire home is a mausoleum dedicated to his legacy. There’s something special, magical even, about his life and career and it would be a thrill to walk where he walked and soak in his energy.

If you have any say in the matter, what would your epitaph be?

I’m not your stepping stone.

Do you have a favorite song about cemeteries or graveyards?

“Pet Sematary” by the Ramones.

Loren again: The Kickstarter for Death’s Garden Revisited is winding down now. You can preorder a copy for yourself until April 16. This beautiful full-color book will be full of 40 amazing essays about why visiting cemeteries is important. Check it out here — and please share this link with your cemetery-loving friends:

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Death’s Garden contributor: Trish Wilson

Six years ago, Trish Wilson’s alter-ego Elizabeth Black interviewed me about about my work on and the Death’s Garden project I’d started putting together on the final episode of her podcast The Women Show. She went on to contribute two essays to Cemetery Travel. One of them, her piece about visiting Edgar Allan Poe’s grave as an inquisitive child, will appear in Death’s Garden Revisited.

Trish Wilson, using the pen name E. A. Black, has written horror for numerous anthologies including Zippered Flesh 2, From The Depths, Wicked Women: An Anthology of the New England Horror Writers, Teeming Terrors, The Horror Zine’s Book of Ghost Stories, and more. Using her real name, Trish Wilson, she is the Media Director for The Horror Zine. Check out her website at

What’s your favorite thing to do in a cemetery?

I don’t hang out in cemeteries, but if I did, here is what I would love to do: Drink champagne with my husband and friends at night and look at the stars. It’s even better if there is a meteor shower. We’d enjoy a picnic and watch the heavens.

Tell me about your favorite cemetery.

Obviously, based upon my article, my favorite cemetery is the one at Westminster Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Edgar Allan Poe and his wife Virginia are buried there. It’s customary to leave a penny on the grave monument.

My other favorite cemetery is the one in Druid Ridge in Pikesville, Maryland (just outside Baltimore), the home of the statue Black Aggie. This statue is a life-sized figure (presumed to be female) of a seated woman dressed in a shroud. As far back as the 1960s (possibly earlier), rumors abound about that statue. Her eyes glowed red at night. If you returned her gaze, you were struck blind. Pregnant women crossing her shadow miscarried. If you said her name three times, she’d slash your face. Grass refused to grow around her.

I later discovered this very statue at the Dolly Madison House in Washington, D. C. She was stunning – and spooky. According to legend, if you left coins in her palms you’d have good luck. I left a coin. What is it about coins and gravestones?

Is there a cemetery or gravesite you’ve always wanted to visit?

Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia. I want to see the Bird Girl statue that appears on the cover of the novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I own a replica of this statue. She’s called “Little Wendy.”

I also would love to see the catacombs beneath Paris. Then there is Père Lachaise Cemetery, where Oscar Wilde is buried. I read he haunts the place. It would awesome to run into his ghost and hang out with him.

It would be great to visit the cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana, where voodoo queen Marie Laveau is buried.

I live in Massachusetts where there are all kinds of burying grounds that date back to the 1600s. I’d love to make rubbings of the tombstones and their symbolic carvings.

If you have anything to say about it, what would your epitaph be?

God, this is Trish Wilson. Try to not piss her off. (Apologies to the movie City Slickers LOL)

Do you have a favorite song about cemeteries or graveyards?

I don’t have a favorite song of that sort, but I love to listen to dark ambient music, which is perfect for cemeteries. It’s also perfect as background music while I’m writing horror. I’d recommend “Stalker” and “The Place Where the Black Stars Hang” by Lustmord. I also recommend “Nostromo” by Sleep Research Facility. Redshift is more good dark ambient music. I also enjoy Philip Glass. Then there are movie soundtracks like Jerry Goldsmith’s “Alien” and Bernard Herrmann’s “Psycho” and “Vertigo.” I like creepy music, which is perfect for cemeteries.

The Death’s Garden Revisited Kickstarter is in its final 10 days now. After the book reached its initial funding goal in 8 hours, it’s available for preorder. This beautiful full-color book will be full of 40 amazing essays about why visiting cemeteries is important. Check it out — and please consider pre-ordering a copy for yourself:

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