Tales of Nightmares

Wily Writers Presents the second book in its ongoing anthology series:

Tales of Nightmares edited by Loren Rhoads

There’s something magical about that sense of terror that grips you in the middle of sleep, when your heart pounds, you can’t catch your breath, and you know the monster is seconds away from grabbing you. While this anthology occasionally records the odd hallucination or vision from beyond, you’ll find no dream sequences here.

These nine stories are designed to induce nightmares.

Table of Contents:

  • In “La Japonesa” by Lisa Morton, a college professor chasing tenure comes face to face with something with sharp claws and even sharper teeth.
  • Weston Ochse cuts deep in “Glue and the Art of Supermodel Maintenance.”
  • Officer Warren Hastings can’t escape the crime he didn’t prevent in Yvonne Navarro’s “Recall.”
  • In Jennifer Brozek’s “Twenty Questions,” Sara discovers some games must be played until the end.
  • E.S. Magill reminds us that every civilization has its myths of supernatural protectors of the natural world. During a hiking expedition, Harris Kimball encounters the spectral guardians of California’s Santa Lucia Mountains, whose mission is to stop the greatest threat to nature: humans.
  • In Angel Leigh McCoy’s “The Haunting of Mrs. Poole,” Amelia seems to have it all: wealthy husband, devoted sister, perfect daughter…and a gothic mansion on the shore of the James River where nothing is what it seems.
  • The line between reality and delirium blurs for an exhausted new mother in Alison J. McKenzie’s “Into the Quiet.”
  • In Bill Bodden’s “The House on River Road,” Ed and Jerry discover some urban legends are more than legendary…and some abandoned houses are better left alone.
  • Finally, Loren Rhoads grew up in a small town. She remembers how they can be in “Elle a Vu un Loup.”

Ordering Information:

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Reviewers, if you would like to receive a copy of Tales of Nightmares for possible review, please contact me. Let me know where you review and if you would prefer an ebook or paperback. Thanks for your help in getting the word out about this book!

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