All You Need is Morbid

All You Need is Morbid Watty Award

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All You Need is Morbid — my travel memoir exploring the world from San Francisco to Japan, by way of Paris, Prague, and Pompeii, in the company of my husband Mason — was chosen for the Featured Nonfiction list on Wattpad in August 2014.

It won one of the first ever HQ Love Watty Awards the following year.

Join Mason and me as we poke through ossuaries, love hotels, medical museums, old graveyards, and hot new restaurants — and almost get sacrificed to a volcano.

The book is assembled from my new and previously published morbid travel essays, which have appeared in Morbid Curiosity magazine and online at TripLit, Gothic.Net, and Scoutie Girl.


“This is an awesome read!!!” — Dana Fredsti, author of the Plague World and Spawn of Lilith trilogies

Essays include:

  • Pastrami in Paris (Notre Dame and the Memorial to the Deportation)
  • Tactile Darkness (San Francisco’s Exploratorium)
  • Cultural Bridges and Time Machines (strawberry drink in Yokohama)
  • Short was My Life, Long is My Rest (Iowa Hill Cemetery)
  • So Shall You Be (the Ossuary in Kutna Hora)
  • Love for Rent (Tokyo love hotels)
  • What a Piece of Work is Man (Capuchin catacombs of Rome)
  • City in Amber (Pompei)
  • Anatomical Venus (Museo di La Specola)
  • Dining in the Dark (Opaque Restaurant)
  • Whither Thou Goest (flying over Kilauea)