This Morbid Life

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What others have called an obsession with death is really a desperate romance with life. Guided by curiosity, compassion, and a truly strange sense of humor, this particular morbid life is detailed through a death-positive collection of 45 confessional essays. Along the way, author Loren Rhoads takes prom pictures in a cemetery, spends a couple of days in a cadaver lab, eats bugs, survives the AIDS epidemic, chases ghosts, and publishes a little magazine called Morbid Curiosity.

Originally written for zines from Cyber-Psychos AOD to Zine World and online magazines from Gothic.Net to Scoutie Girl, these emotionally charged essays showcase the morbid curiosity and dark humor that transformed Rhoads into a leading voice of the curious and creepy.

ISBN 978-1-7351876-2-4

ISBN (ebook) 978-1-7351876-3-1

Publication date: August 22, 2021


This Morbid Life won a 2022 IPPY Award. The Independent Publisher Book Awards gave This Morbid Life a Gold Medal for Best Regional Nonfiction eBook.


“Witty, touching, beautifully written, and haunting — in every sense of the word — This Morbid Life is an absolute must-read for anyone looking for an unusually bright and revealing journey into the darkest of corners.  Highly recommended!” — M.Christian, author of Welcome To Weirdsville

“Rhoads’s This Morbid Life offers a compelling premise for readers. Her work is highly unusual and bold in its intentions and readers will strongly connect with the many poignant and memorable moments.” — The BookLife Prize

“A wonderful collection of essays that lead with a curious mind and an openness that we are often asked to avoid. Loren’s writing is touching, amusing and strange. It isn’t just an attempt to be morbid for morbid sake – each essay is an intelligent romp through the human experience – it is weird as it is beautiful.” — Black Flowers

“A collection of essays told in perfectly proportioned chapters that show the — if not always morbid — raw, startlingly real, and uncomfortable side of life.” — Reedsy

“I am so honored that I got the opportunity to read this book a little early. I laughed and I cried. I was blown away by the vulnerability and just how Loren laid everything out with no holding back. I loved this so much. What a fantastic life and what a beautiful love letter to her friends. I’m absolutely astonished. Everyone needs to read this ASAP.” — The Bookeyman

“These essays are dark and gritty, filled with truth. Loren lays herself bare. This Morbid Life is an apt title for the book and is not for the faint of heart. She lets it all hang out and I loved every minute of it.” — Fundinmental


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