Tales of Nightmares


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There’s something magical about that sense of terror that grips you in the middle of sleep, when your heart pounds, you can’t catch your breath, and you know the monster is seconds away from grabbing you. While this anthology occasionally records the odd hallucination or vision from beyond, you’ll find no dream sequences here.

These nine stories are designed to induce nightmares.

  • Contains stories by Alison J. McKenzie, Angel Leigh McCoy, Bill Bodden, E.S. Magill, Jennifer Brozek, Lisa Morton, Yvonne Navarro, and Weston Ochse
  • Autographed by Loren Rhoads
  • 2022, Automatism Press
  • Trade paperback

Read more here: https://lorenrhoads.com/editing/tales-of-nightmares/


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