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5 Questions for Dana Fredsti

Dana Fredsti and I go way back. She wrote about Forest Lawn and her love for zombie movies in Death’s Garden, my first book about cemeteries.  She wrote about surfing, ghost hunting, and working at a big cat rescue for … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Type

Today is The Dangerous Type’s 4th birthday. Four years ago today, the book came out from Night Shade Books. There were things I loved about the book release: that cover image is one.  It captures the attitude of the main … Continue reading

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5 Questions with Dana Fredsti and David Fitzgerald

I met Dana Fredsti in February 1990, which boggles my mind. Back then, I was living in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood and a friend brought her by. She wrote for Death’s Garden: Relationships with Cemeteries and many issues of Morbid Curiosity magazine, … Continue reading

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Martini Bar of Horrors

Tomorrow night (Thursday, October 27) the Martini Bar of Horrors will open in San Francisco. Six Bay Area writers will be serving up macabre tales for the evening, including the wonderful Loren Rhoads! Loren was the editor of Morbid Curiosity magazine … Continue reading

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Why do writers write?

This Sunday (9/11/16), I’ll be joining S.G. Browne and Dana Fredsti at Borderlands Cafe in San Francisco to figure out just why writers write.  The panel discussion will roam from the philosophical to the practical: why, how, and where to … Continue reading

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