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If I knew how to goit, I would goiter

The month after my brother died, my throat began to feel really weird: like my voice had turned sideways and lodged at the base of my neck. In the bathroom mirror, I saw a large round lump on the left … Continue reading

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Summer is fading fast

This is not how I thought the summer would go: full of doctor appointments and hospital visits.  I assumed that the neurologist we saw four days after school got out would have all the answers.  I suspected my daughter’s headaches … Continue reading

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Family Obligations

A month ago, while we were having lunch in Japantown, my daughter started to cry. She had pain in her chest, pain so bad it frightened her.  We took her to the emergency room at the hospital where she was born. … Continue reading

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Why I killed Morbid Curiosity

In 2002, my younger brother died suddenly. He had been a secret alcoholic and, without anyone knowing, he destroyed his liver. I talked to him one Monday night, when his neck ached so much he couldn’t turn his head. By … Continue reading

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