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Live in 2017

Never Enough doesn’t really describe this year’s live events, because I’m pleased with how many times I got to speak or read in public. I’m not sure I could have managed anything more. Readings: FogCon Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading … Continue reading

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Making Home: Home Pages for Authors

I’ve been updating my website again, my namesake lorenrhoads.com. I think it’s been six months since I did the last overhaul and things had gotten dated again. Part of my problem is that this site is so complicated. I wanted … Continue reading

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Farewell to LiveJournal

I started blogging in March 2004 when my daughter learned to roll over by herself.  I was a new mom with a preemie who’d had colic.  In fact, I often quoted Marvin the Paranoid Android to myself: “Here I am, … Continue reading

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Membership & Awards

Current Membership TBD Writers Group since July 2017. SFWA Active Member since March 2015. Broad Universe since July 2014. Horror Writers Association since 2001. Active Member since 2002. Association for Gravestone Studies since July 1999. Former Membership Paramental Appreciation Society, 2005 … Continue reading

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The history of my writing positions

Edited THE HAUNTED MANSION PROJECT: Year Two for Damnation Books, to be published in Summer 2013. Edited MORBID CURIOSITY CURES THE BLUES: True Stories of the Unsavory, Unwise, Unorthodox, and Unusual from the magazine Morbid Curiosity for Scribner, published in … Continue reading

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