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This Week in Guest Posts

A whole bunch more of my guest posts have gone live since my last update, so I’ve collected up the links. My hope with the guest posts is to reach audiences who might not ever hear of my books otherwise. … Continue reading

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Morbid Catch-up

Things are progressing nicely with my space opera trilogy.  I finished the final proofreading on The Dangerous Type last night.  Kill By Numbers is in my editor’s hands.  I’ve passed the halfway point on the first draft of No More Heroes.  Everything … Continue reading

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Writing portably

I write longhand.  In a spiral-bound notebook.  With a medium-point blue ink pen.  It makes me old-fashioned, but I’m okay with that.  I don’t ever worry about anyone stealing my writing tools if I get up from my cafe table. … Continue reading

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Making Home: Home Pages for Authors

I’ve been updating my website again, my namesake lorenrhoads.com. I think it’s been six months since I did the last overhaul and things had gotten dated again. Part of my problem is that this site is so complicated. I wanted … Continue reading

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In Defense of Dialog Tags

The English language has an amazing array of synonyms for “say.”  Characters can tease or shout, whisper or boast, promise or argue.  “Ask” has nearly as many shades of meaning, from begging to negotiating, demanding to inquiring. I love the … Continue reading

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