The Alondra Chapbooks

Alondra’s Experiments:

Available now is the first novella-length chapbook collection of my previously published stories about Alondra DeCourval, a young witch with a passion to make things right.  Alondra travels from San Francisco to Prague to Olso, encountering magical creatures and searching for the limits she will go to for love.

Alondra's Experiments

Alondra’s Experiments includes:

  • “The Shattered Rose” — Alondra and her vampire boyfriend wander Golden Gate Park after dark.
  • “Catalyst” — Alondra accidentally combines alchemy and absinthe in Prague.
  • “Valentine” — In Oslo, Alondra discovers how far she will go to save her guardian’s life.
  • Three essays that tell the stories behind the stories.

Alondra’s Experiments is available for the kindle:

Alondra's Investigations

Alondra’s Investigations:

“The second installment of the Alondra stories glitters with dark magic. We follow Alondra from L.A. to Northern California to New Orleans. She courts the spirits of Air, settles a house of unquiet ghosts and, in the final story, puts an end to one man’s bloody crimes. In all of these stories, there is beautiful and deadly magic. In Alondra’s world, even the litter in the city streets can be made to dance.” — Martha J. Allard, author of Black Light and Psychic Surgery

Alondra’s Investigations includes:

  • “The Fatal Book” — Alondra discovers a book that claims to have destroyed Atlantis.
  • “A Curiosity of Shadows” — What are the things that ghosts are afraid of?
  • “Last-born” — In New Orleans, Alondra makes the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Three essays that tell the stories behind the stories.

Alondra’s Investigations is the second novella-length chapbook collection of the Alondra Stories. It’s available for the kindle at

Alondra's Adventures

Alondra’s Adventures:

  • “The Fox and the Foreigner” — Alondra befriends a fox spirit living in a shrine in Tokyo.
  • “The Drowning City” — Something ancient stalks the canals of Venice.
  • “Sakura Time” — In Japan, it’s impossible to discard anything that has eyes.
  • Three essays that tell the stories behind the stories.

Alondra’s Adventures is the third novella-length chapbook of the Alondra Stories. It’s available for the kindle:

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