The Alondra stories

IMG_0817I’ve written a series of urban fantasy short stories about Alondra DeCourval, a young American witch who grew up in London. Alondra travels the world, battling monsters. Here’s where you can find her:


“The Drowning City,” which appeared in NEVERMORE! TALES OF MURDER, MYSTERY, AND THE MACABRE, will be reprinted in BEST NEW HORROR 27.

“Guardian of the Golden Gate” has been accepted for STRANGE CALIFORNIA. More details soon, I hope.

I’ve got two more short stories out for submission now, so fingers crossed.

Stories available online:

Hear “Valentine” on the Wily Writers podcast. Alondra travels to Oslo to save her guardian’s life, whatever it takes.

You can read “Catalyst,” another Alondra story, on Wattpad.  Alondra combines absinthe with alchemy in Prague.

The full list of stories, most recent to earliest:

“The Fatal Book” was published New Realm magazine in May 2016.  The story was short-listed for the Aeon Award in 2008.

“Sakura Time,” a sequel to “The Fox and the Foreigner,” appears in FRIGHT MARE: WOMEN WRITE HORROR, edited by Billie Sue Mosiman. This is just came out in February 2016. The audiobook is available on

“The Drowning City” appeared in NEVERMORE! TALES OF MURDER, MYSTERY, AND THE MACABRE, edited by Nancy Kilpatrick and Caro Soles. It was published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy in 2015. Contributors include Margaret Atwood, Nancy Holder, William Nolan, Thomas Roche, and Tanith Lee. Alondra travels to Venice and finds an ancient evil. The book was nominated for the 2016 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in an Anthology. It won the Paris Book Festival’s award for Best Anthology of the Year.

“The Shattered Rose,”a vampire story set in Golden Gate Park, appeared in Instant City magazine, May 2013. It was previously published in The Paramental Appreciation Society chapbook, reprinted by Automatism Press, October 2007. Originally published by Red Snake Press, an imprint of Borderlands Bookstore, March 2007. Alondra discovers that she’s not cut out to be a vampire.

“A Curiosity of Shadows,” a ghost story, appeared in THE HAUNTED MANSION PROJECT: YEAR ONE, edited by E.S. Magill. It was published by Damnation Books in March 2012. Alondra fights the things that ghosts fear.

“Last-Born,” set in New Orleans, appeared in SINS OF THE SIRENS: FOURTEEN TALES OF DARK DESIRE, edited by John Everson, (Dark Arts Books), updated as an ebook January 2012. Originally published by Dark Arts in January 2008. The story initially appeared in THE GHOSTBREAKERS: NEW HORRORS, edited by Danielle Naibert and G. W. Thomas (RAGEmachine Books), May 2005.

“Catalyst,” Not One of Us #44, October 2010. An Alondra story set in Prague about absinthe and alchemy.

“Valentine,” podcast on Wily Writers, September 2010. An Alondra story set in Oslo explores the lengths we go to for love.

“The Fox and the Foreigner,” Not One of Us #38, October 2007. The story was long-listed for the British Science Association Award, January 2008. Alondra finds a supernatural creature in the heart of Tokyo.

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