Where can you find the Templar books?

If you see The Dangerous Type, Kill By Numbers, or No More Heroes at a bookstore that’s not on my list — or even better, loose in the world, please send me a photo.  In return, I’ll send you a thank you gift.

In San Francisco:


At Borderlands Books, Valencia Street, San Francisco.


First sighting in the wild: Kill By Numbers at Books Inc. on Van Ness, San Francisco.


West Portal Books, between Reynolds and Robinson.

And at Rebound Books, San Rafael, California.

In the Midwest:


At Barnes & Noble at Genessee Valley Mall in Flint, Michigan. Photo by Dana Fredsti.

BN John Everson

At Barnes & Noble in Racine, Wisconsin.  Photo by John Everson.

In the West:


At Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Mason Jones.

Elsewhere in the wide world:


In Melbourne, Australia. Photo by Seth Lindberg.